What I’m Doing Now

Hello! You are on my ‘NOW’ page. This is where you will get your one-stop information about all the things I’m focusing on right now! I’m Melinya from Kuala Lumpur, please to meet you!

  • Resident Live Sound Engineer & Assistant Production Manager at The Bee, Publika
  • Assistant Producer for The Becoming Of [get your tickets!]
  • Thasha Gunaseelan’s Virtual Assistant – Social Media Manager for 3 of her Facebook Business pages, Calendar Management, Handling of Administrative Tasks are top 3 of my job scope.
  • Maximum 5 freelance work a month – with rates starting at RM150/day! [check out my “hire me” page]
  • Writing articles on this website. Gotta get that writing done! Yes, articles. Not blog posts. 😉
  • Hyperfocusing on my 2018 goals – Increasing my second stream of monthly income and writing one song which I’m hoping to release as a single!!
  • Reaching my weight goal of 48kg by Christmas! Keto has worked wondrously for me. I’m on a break now but I’m hoping to get back to it once my August production is over.
  • Learning how to make a good cup of coffee haha (no, I’m not joking.)
  • Growing in my spirituality and walking with God more.

These are my priorities. Often, I will say no to everything else. But if you think you can change my mind, feel free to hit the comment section below!