Classic Tiny House Speed Build | The Sims 4

Hey hey hey! Surprise non-Wednesday post!

Recently my friends and I got the “Get Together” expansion pack as it was on discount on Origin. And oh. my. GEES!! They have so many pretty build and buy items, I’m obsessed! I’ve wanted a new pack for a while because I wasn’t really a fan of “Get To Work” and “Dine Out” stuffs, or maybe I was just bored with them after a while hahaha. Anyways I am sharing my account with 3 other working friends so we could all afford the packs without blowing our wallets.

Anyways, here is my video! Lemme know what you guys think!


Hello November

Since my last post, I’ve been keeping things low-key. I took 3 days off social media, kept (most of) my opinions away from twitter, spent a lot of my time off at home, and rethink just about every plans that I had made for my future, be it days, weeks, months, years away. And I’m kinda glad that I did all of those things. In a way, they kept me focused on the “now” – current projects and bigger (than usual) events. I also get to spend more time with the family, because my dad got a letter to transfer back to Sarawak. And I’ve decided to not go with them.

Work wise, so far one of my favourite projects to date was editing a short film produced by Observers’ Playground, a production “playground” that I’ve been a part of since The Lovesical. There had been multiple miscommunications and technical difficulties that almost cost us the deadline. We were doing count downs with series of pictures and two trailers so there was no way for us to miss it due to “technical difficulties”. As the (self-titled) manager for the count down, I wasn’t going to let this slip.

So, I went on and downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro and edited the entire thing myself.

First thing – OMG PREMIERE! I mean, it’s so much lighter than Final Cut Pro X and iMovie. They’re both rubbish to me now LOL. I have never used any Adobe softwares until the day I started editing the movie. In fact, I did everything in under 12 hours – edit, colour, music, and upload. Passable, but there is still so much to learn. I wish I have more projects to work on so I could keep Premiere, even if they are personal projects. Which brings me to a throwback – Letter to November. I really do miss doing these kind of videos.

I’m still doing events at Laundry Bar and The Bee. I took my braces off and now annoyingly wearing a retainer. Every first week upon receiving my paycheck I spend a portion of them on food, like really good, brunch food. I am currently on a Buzzfeed craze – Facebook videos, recipe lists, you name it. I am collecting recipes, doing budgeting, and making a list of things that I will need to buy after my family move out, because you know, the house will be empty and quiet. Wireless printer, check! I also sang at my friend’s wedding, in front of 300++ people.

Here’s my glass for the remaining two months of the year, where I will fill my off days with wishlists, making and saving more money, and planning next year with DIY projects, experiencing kitchen conundrums, and hopefully being able to blog more about my life. I’m particularly excited about home organizing and design ideas, since I will have the entire apartment to play around with!

signing out,
mel x

here is the latest picture of my face, taken earlier this morning on the way to church.
here is the latest picture of my face, taken earlier this morning on the way to church.


Top 3 April Faves + Biggest Lesson Learned

hello internet. it’s been awhile. i’d probably say this every time i update this space. ha. 

i’ve been suppressing my thoughts lately. it’s more like one of the methods to teach myself that not all opinions matter and that silence is golden. it gives me a chance to think and analyze more before drawing any conclusions, and it is not something that the internet world is great at doing. here’s why.

i’m a big fan of reading comments, knowing what everybody else are thinking about a certain topic, be it on Facebook or YouTube. but, there is one small downside to this; you’d get infected with stupidity. stupidity isn’t a disease, but it sure is spreading like one. and i catch myself from time to time judging from what seems to be just the surface of what really lies beneath the said matter. and honestly, ugh, i don’t like myself sometimes.

thinking takes time. it is a lot easier to be lazy. it’s not rocket science. but, human behaviour needs to be nurtured. as someone who is easily influenced by my environment, i’d always have to remind myself to be kinder, more thoughtful, grow with patience, live with more smiles. yeah well i’m still working on them. especially the last one. don’t even get me started with that.

also, i’m not the smartest person i know. i always say the wrong things, in the sense that i phrase my words to be the opposite of my intentions. it’s a working progress.

Here’s the thing about being mean. It’s a lot easier to be mean than it is to be nice. Mean people, on top of being jerks, they’re also lazy and uninventive. Being nice takes work. That’s why I really like people that are really nice.

– Casey Neistat.

and with that, i start my list of this month’s top 3 faves with the man himself.

i am very in love with his latest video/story-making adventure on YouTube. he now vlogs daily. i’ve stopped spending my morning watching YouTube videos when getting ready thus indirectly quit watching JKNews. no reason, but Casey’s vlogs are the only vlogs that I would want to watch these days. i love his way of storytelling (editing), but more importantly, i love his storylines (content) even more.

it is what i look for these days, especially in movies. any movie with a good storyline wins it all for me. ❤

the past month, i find myself craving for BKT. a lot.

more specifically, the bak kut teh shop in Desa Sri Hartamas.
from the bak kut teh shop in Desa Sri Hartamas.

here’s the thing about bak kut teh; it’s comfort food. it literally brings a sense of comfort when i’m indulging it. the fragrant smell of the herbs, savoury yet flavourful broth, pair it with my favourite leafy green vegetables and some rice, and i feel all warm and toasty inside. it’s the best kind of food to end my long day at work, which is funny because it is typically a breakfast dish. ha

i prefer the Hokkien/Canto versions. 😀

i also got a new phone, the Lenovo A606. Got it for free after upgrading to the MaxisOne plan. love love love the camera. my favourite upgrade form my last phone, the Sony Xperia C.

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"Hensem" #melinyaWorks

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Bae number 2. Omnomnomnomnom

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i would add the sims 3 into the list as i’m back on it lately but y’all know the sims in general is my forever love. after fries. LOL

this month is a little bit slow for me. it’s a major difference from the last two months. i really want to go back to working but i don’t know where to look for. let’s hope May will be a little better. :3

2015 goals!

i don’t believe new resolutions should be made every year. it should be done every day. 😉

hello loves! i have been away, hiding, away from mostly reality but we all know that’s impossible. ha. but in all serious, if you’ve read my last post, i was really just trying to get my shit together in my absence.

mell is pondering about life. mostly what to have but dinner. same difference.
mell is pondering about life. mostly what to have for dinner. meh. same difference.

i have done a lot of thinking lately, and one of it was trying to figure out why i am not too fond of my current job even though at the beginning of it i was just thrilled to be a part of an organization and was looking forward to a series of challenges. but that’s the thing – i’m not challenged.

i’m not saying i hate the job or anything; i just feel like i could do so much more but my potentials and/or talents are wasted. doing the same routine every week has made me feeling a little too comfortable (it’d be too obnoxious for me to say that i got too good at my job LOL). it’s a lot more satisfying for me when i freelance with and for other people. you’ll never know what to expect and so i’m always rising up above my own levels “just in case”, which is, naturally always good and helpful.

anyways, that is top on my list for this year’s goals for sure. i’m prepping mentally to go back to freelancing. i don’t know what to expect, but i am opening myself up for a range of service soon with rates and all that so it’ll be easier for anyone who’s asking.

i’m not gonna stop here either. i’m going to seek jobs, accepting whatever opportunities that i know i can perform very well on, and hopefully at the same time, able to add-on to my ever-growing list of skills.

i hope everyone’s 2014 has been great so far. the bright side of everything is that you’re always learning new things, whether you realize them at first. the key to life is to always love, because “love is an open door!” HA.

all right then, cheeseballz out. here are my top 15 goals of 2015. hope yours aren’t as lame as mine. :3

  1. to quit my current job.
  2. to grow back my long hair.
  3. to read at least 15 books.
  4. to travel to at least 1 neighbouring country.
  5. (at least) 1 photography gig.
  6. (at least) 1 music video gig.
  7. new fashion style. (ahahahahaha who am i even kidding)
  8. to blog a minimum of once a week!!!
  9. to complete 15 free online courses!
  10. to release my compilation of originals! oh my :3
  11. to be a part of 1 album production.
  12. to write 15 short stories!
  13. to publish at least 5 newspaper articles / contribute a section in the opinions column.
  14. to release video letters every month.
  15. to write 1 song every month! pressureeeeee!

here’s my last original of 2014. enjoy! x

carpe diem. on life and opportunities

ok la. i’m sorry la i never update this blog even though i’ve tried many, many times. what to do, you work like crazy for 2 weeks just for one event and the final exams, go back to homeland for a good long weekend, come back working like crazy again…i’m not complaining. i simply don’t have the heart to sit down and compose a blog (but i’m working on a song now though *cough*).

3 matters; final friday performance, sarawak & ning baizura.

i think when it comes to production, working on one just makes me fall in love more and more with the idea of producing. you put so much energy, thinking of little details, rehearse rehearse rehearse until all cues are in order, coming up with cue sheets and a master schedule….all for one event that would only take place perhaps no longer than an hour and a half…. doesn’t that sound exciting???????? no? just me? ok.

that’s exactly what final friday performance was all about.

as always, being the system support, my job is to supervise all current activities. but then i also have this special role in the heart of icom……’s everything to do with media. i was a videographer in my first semester for the tribute to Paul Simon, chief videographer in the following 2 tributes, learned a few tips and tricks in video editing, slowly seeing things at different angles (almost literally) until finally i was in charged almost completely of all media-related matter. almost, because the final say is not mine but mr v’s. 😀

i came up with the idea that we should project the live performance on the screen since it’s there anyway to project some funny interview videos. and then mr v wanted to surprise the crew with an appreciation video, which led me to the idea of a trailer video, to be played before FP starts.  i also thought playing the feeds from tribute to classic rock before FP officially starts would be an awesome idea. 😛

what did i do for FFP? edited 12 videos in 4 days, came up with a show flow/emcee script with help from kimbo’s show flow idea, directed some performers on how to interact with the camera, teach mark ree on how to use the projector screen as his viewfinder… besides being the system support. for 2 nights in a row, it felt like we were preparing for tribute. a bit of nostalgic feeling happened there…

[links of most of the videos & show flow are up on my CV page!]

aaaaaaannnnnnnndddddd of course after all of that i just had to be away, missing the chance to yell and nag at my crew to get their job done on time… simply because.., i went overseas….over the south china sea……to borneo aha ha aha

ok not funny.

i went back to sarawak for 5 days and to be really honest, i don’t have much to say lol. my phone was acting funny; battery went fat (kembang) on the first night, died on monday, and so i was phoneless until i came back to insta, very little facebook, hardly tweeted…. besides, all i did was eat, sleep and laugh.. nothing less than just spending quality time with my grandma, aunty, uncle, cousin, friends, and sightseeing in sri aman to all the places that i’ll never, ever forget.

coming back to KL felt weird, like the good dreams just ended and i woke up to reality LOL. oh well, in some ways, it’s true.

i came back to the first week of study week. it was pretty quiet for awhile and i wasn’t used to not hearing kids blasting from the ensemble room next door, so i went to the hall and do some preventive checks and crosschecking the stuff that are supposed to be put away once FFP was done. nothing much happened till i received the news that there will be some band coming in for a rehearsal at the recital hall.

scheduled rehearsal was that sunday itself in the morning, but it got cancelled. i asked a couple of musicians if they were coming in the next day. they said they were so i spent 2.5hours setting up the hall for 10 musicians and 4 vocalists. on monday only 7 musicians came; the rest of them came on tuesday, including ms ning herself…

yes, it was apparently, ning baizura‘s rehearsal.

of course i got excited. holy cow, setting up for her band, witnessing her rehearsals, having the opportunity to mix for her, shook her hand, helped her with the setting of the static IP address, recorded the sessions for her, email her the recorded sessions……. i was so humbled by the experience i called her ms ning when i asked for her email…. dude.


i do have some short clips and pictures of the rehearsals but not much since i wasn’t even sure if i was even allowed to do so O_O aha. anyways, here’s a little snippet…. [x]

that’s all from me at the moment. week 21 is coming up and i’d probably won’t be able to blog again until december so, here’s to the one and only post in November! ha (hopefully not)

behold, the amazing sugarbun.