Ridiculous Thoughts a Millennial Had about Personal Finance

I don’t budget. Oklah, I lied there. I do plan my finance monthly, but it’s not the same month-to-month. What I don’t budget for is food. I don’t wanna starve lol.

Hey guys! Your favourite millennial is here! I’m about to annoy you some more so sit back and relax. Get your face and your palm ready for some bonding! O.m.g!!


In all seriousness, I have been busy! Good kind of busy. I’m taking up a few projects here and there to expand my skills and expertise a little bit. This girl has plans to work more from home in the future so stay tuned for that, folks!

Now, on to my real stuff here.

You see, in my previous life as a full-time freelancer, I was earning good money. Guaranteed RM3,000 a month least. Once, I calculated and I received almost RM10,000 within a month and a half. The point here isn’t to brag. Instead, I’m about to drop some truth bombs.

I sucked a budgeting. No, I’m terrible at saving and I’m even worse at spending. Oklah, I sucked at budgeting. /sigh

I’m not an expert now, but I do meet my unavoidable expenses month-to-month. I am also not starving myself (even when I’m earning less than RM3k) so that’s great! #adultingdoneright

In fact, I’m planning to buy a new car next year! Yay? Or no? Tell me in the comments!

All right, let me tell you a story about a young, carefree and careless Melinya. She was still living with her parents. Problem number one. (Her parents aren’t the problem, I promise.)

I was earning great income between 2014-2015 as a freelance sound engineer. The events and concerts you go to, I make them sounds happen yo. It’s not a super glamorous life as it can be labour-intensive. But, I just need to do at least 10 of those a month and I can get by pretty comfortably. I’ve no rent, house utilities or car insurance to pay for. Most of my expenses go towards my phone bill, food, and daily commute.

Perks of living with the parents!

I could afford brunch every day, you know. Like those eggs on toasts with beans and salad plus JUICE and COFFEE kind of brunch. Why not, kan? Spend all them greens ‘cause I’m going to earn more laterz anywayz.

I want to slap my younger self sometimes.

What I would have done differently: put more money into savings and bring more packed food instead of eating out a lot. These two things are the biggest change I would say that I’m doing right now compared to when I was earning a lot more.

Which leads me to problem number two: I was always afraid that I won’t have enough money to spend if I had to put away money. (Insert: long internal groan of disappointment.) AKA SAVINGS.

I remember arguing myself that if I had to put away x% of my income right now (back then), I told myself I won’t be having enough to spend on. This was without running the actual numbers! Can you believe how absurd that train of thought is?? That’s the total opposite of how savings could have benefited me!!!

//screams in frustration for an eternity//

What I would have done differently: Understand my spending habits better. Also, teach myself to save and how having a second savings account could also benefit me. Because having only one is absurd yo. #DaveRamseyftw!!

Third problem – I worked until I was beyond exhausted because I wanted to make more money and fast. And I was constantly working with the wrong clients.

“Working with less than ideal clients” is one topic I’d love to talk about one day. I so want to start a freelancer video series but that will have to wait a bit!

(feel free to send me money at paypal.me/melinyasarah so I can buy a vlogging camera because I’m shameless like that!)

Back to getting exhausted from working… This was happening a lot in those days because I was getting quite comfortable from the money I was earning. I was not ready to give it all up! Honestly, work was taking up my time so much, I was not living the life that I wanted. I was spending less time with my family and hanging out with friends that didn’t even vibe well with me. I was not unhappy, but it was not fulfilling for sure.

What I would have done differently: Understanding my capacity before accepting new jobs. Even if that means I would be earning less.

Back to being a terrible millennial… Or not so anymore….

What is different with me right now is how I perceive money. More accurately, income. A question I always ask myself – am I going to waste all the money I’ve earned from working x hours? Probably not.

I also have three separate savings accounts for different things.

The first one is an untouchable emergency fund.

The second one is a touchable emergency fund, mostly for car repairs.

The third and final one is for things that I want to buy. Like, getting a decent vlogging camera and upgrading my 2011 MacBook Pro. (I want to get a more ram and an SSD so I can do more jobs!)

Check out my hire me page if you need some work done or send me money if you’re feeling generous!

The biggest takeaway here…

Young adults these days are burdened with difficult choices. To either take up jobs that pay more than passion or working many jobs while working on said passion. (Thank you, skyrocketing living costs!) Truth be told, I’m the later. I’ve tried my hands on working in 3 different companies full-time and they all didn’t work out much for me. #TypicalMillennial lol. But here’s what I’ll say to my fellow millennials and generation Z folks:

Start leveraging your talents and/or skills. Find out what your niche is and then make a list of services that you can offer to your friends and family. Think: what are some of the needs that you can fulfill, and then leverage on that. Also don’t be a dick about it lah, ok? Be nice and be honest. Do things for the long run, don’t half-ass, and always be responsible!

Don’t be like past Mel, carefree and careless. #facepalm

But you have countless of resources at the tip of your fingers. Don’t let time pass you by while you get burned out. Start small and work from there. Get all the help you need. Opportunities are abundant, you just need to look for them!

Alright, serious topic over! Do you guys like my new blog? I’ve revamped it to look prettier and more presentable. Ayeeee professionalism, am I right??

BEFORE | Simple, minimalistic look

I kid. Anything in USD for me is too expensive so this is the best that I can come up with with a shoestring budget. Hope you guys dig and I hope to be back next week!

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