My 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

Hey folks! For this week’s video, I’ll be sharing with you guys what I have set up for my 2018 bullet journal.

If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, the creator has a great video about it:

To put it simply, it’s a planner, diary, sketchbook all in one! At least for the artsy people, it can be a sketchbook too. For me, I use it mainly to organize my work and plan for the future. It’s like a planner, but with more versatility. I started this system near the end of 2016, and have been on it on and off throughout the whole of 2017. I’m back on it for good as I’ve left my full-time job and will need a system to organize my never-ending list of projects ideas. Ha!

This year, I just want to keep things task and goal-oriented. I find that having too many trackers and lists just ended up becoming wasted pages. So for my main set up this year, one of the most important spreads for me is my list of goals and reminders.

If you haven’t watched my 2018 goals video, check it out here:

The whole of last year wasn’t that great for me. I felt like I was constantly trying to make other people happy but not myself. I didn’t even do anything that I listed out in my “goals dump” (I mean, what even is that?). I didn’t grow as much. I didn’t do anything that I was passionate about, and I certainly did not have fun. My time was mostly consumed by work and every chance I get to do things outside of work (ie passion projects, going on holidays etc) I was guilt-tripped into thinking that I was doing things that weren’t meaningful.

Many of things on my goals list sound like they are super average and basically just things that normal people do every day. They’re not for me. I haven’t watched a movie or a TV series in a while. I have not seen my friends in a long time. I skipped church a lot more than ever because of work. So I’ve decided to make this year, my year.

I want to lose weight. Through my meals, simple home workouts, and a healthy mindset.

I want to be able to see my friends and family more. Over good food and great conversations.

I want to inspire people. Doing things that are out of the ordinary through means of continuous learning and experimenting. Things that I have thought about for months and years.

I also want to reach my financial goals. Achieve financial freedom and being able to focus my energy on homeschooling and child developments.

Those are my dreams. And I’m laying the groundwork in 2018.


resident evil : retribution

hello x

the premier of resident evil: retribution

i won a pair of club tickets to the premier of this movie, which scheduled to be out by September 13. honestly, when i read that @benjern was to give away five pairs of club tickets, i was pretty reluctant to actually give it a try. but it so happened that the second he gave the cue to tweet him, it appeared on my timeline. so i copied, pasted, and tweeted away without giving it a second thoughts. 10 minutes later, ben announced that i was one of the winners.

one half of the club ticket pair

right after i got the tweet saying that i won, i immediately asked a close friend of mine to see if she’d wanna come with me. she did. despite having to not watch the trailer yet, or even learn about the value of a club ticket, i was head over heels. as days turned to hours and hours to minutes, i got more and more excited, so excited we actually went in 30-minutes earlier (thanks to the instructions on the ticket!) and immediately regretted after knowing that they were gonna keep our phones (and laptop!) due to security reasons. hahah

say hello to my date! 😀

i must say, this is one of the most exciting experience i’ve ever gone through. i mean, how many times in your life you get to actually win something? haaaaa 😀 though i have never watched the first 4 movies of the resident evil series, i (actually) enjoyed having to go through the suspense, getting scared the heck out of my brains and knowing that my friend enjoyed herself as well. COME AT ME YO FREAKISHLY-LOOKING ZOMBIES