Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

cheesy. it’s bound to happen.

Hey guys! Happy New Year!

I know, it’s been a crazy long time since I blogged. Don’t worry, I’m alive and ready. to. kick. IT!! Whatever that is haha.

How was your 2017? Good? Achieved anything? Did you meet your resolutions? Excited for the new year?? Don’t need to ask me. I haven’t blogged in a year. That speaks volume. Personally, I feel like I haven’t achieved anything in all of last year, but I do have two notable mentions.

  1. I adopted a cat. Me, someone who never grew up in a pet-centric household now has a cat.
  2. I was the Patch Master for 2017’s Good Vibes Festival. First time as a Patch Master with no prior experience, first time working at a festival.

Too cute to be angry at her lah. #nemo

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I recently quit my job as well, one that I’ve been at since August of 2016. Longest I’ve been with standing at almost 1 year and 5 months, but I find that it carries the same pattern as my last two full-time jobs. No proper chance for growth, same old routine. If you fancy getting full-time salary it might appeal to you. But unfortunately, I consider myself a creative person. I need a creative output (shout out to my last post!), a place for me to express my ideas, and also a bit more time and energy outside of work for me to actually do those things. So, I left.

I made a video earlier today where I talked about the top 10 things I learned in 2017. Most of them run quite deep, but they are also reminders from years back, simply resurfacing in 2017. Somehow, I manage to get myself involved with the same kind of people again. Can’t blame me, they all appear to be nice, understanding people at first,… Until you get to know them. Ah.

Well, the bright side here is that I made a video about it, alongside my 2018 goals. You can check it out here:

More videos to come! Definitely more blog posts too. This website is still under maintenance, but it’s the closest thing I can get it to look like the way I want it!

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