Make a Promise

You’re not too far from reality
You’re just too far for me to reach
I smile at you every time that you look at me
And I would turn away every time that you catch me staring

Your brown eyes beat the stars in the sky
They light up my world even during the darkest night
The sound of your voice is my favourite lullaby
Never fail to put me to sleep every single night

I told myself that you’re one of a kind
I searched high and low, you’re not that easy to find
I would go the distance, because to me it’s fine
For a person like you, I wish you are mine

With all my heart I would want to be with you
Through thick and thin, you know that it’s true
I would even travel the world to show you
To prove to you that I truly love you

My words are not made up for it is real
And I can’t deny how my little heart feels
It’s just the way I am oh sweet darling
And only for you is what I’m feeling

I can’t go through the day without looking at you
You’re one in a million even if you don’t think it’s true
I’ll give you my heart to keep and I’ll keep yours too
Only if you let me, then I’ll make a promise to you

I’ll love you forever.


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