Like every other day, Jesse and I would go out for lunch together after school. I had a feeling earlier today he wouldn’t come… Still, there’s no harm waiting for him here at the Zwink Cafe. Jesse and I had dated for almost a month now, and he’s my fifth boyfriend… We met at Carrie’s Christmas party last year. It turns out, we are studying at the same school… Almost everyday on the weekdays we have a routine of our own; in the morning, he’ll pick me up and drive us to school together. After school, we’ll hang out with his basketball buddies at the café. After lunch, he’ll send me back home. It’ll only change when either both of us are busy… Now I’m starting to wonder why is he late. It’s not like he has basketball practice now, not that I know of… Besides, the championship was last week. There shouldn’t be anymore practices… Maybe I’m thinking too much…


“You and I; it’s over. -Jesse”

I didn’t realize that my tears were flowing and had my face really wet until I came to my senses. Pull yourself back together Helen! He’s not worth it, you deserve better! I might as well head home now…on foot. Better get started before anything unwanted happens, i.e raining…

As I stepped out of the café, I saw someone familiar walking by… It turns out to be Sean, my neighbor, schoolmate and childhood best friend. I quickly ran to him and said hi.

“Hey, walking home alone today, Sean?”

“Yeah, Sam found herself a ride home with her new boyfriend,”

“Oh? I didn’t know she has a new boyfriend,”

“Neither do I, till just now…”

“I see…”

“Say, why are you walking home today?”

“Well, I put on some weight lately…”

“Serious? But you look the same, and more gorgeous everyday! I see you have a thing for pink stuff eyh?”

“Well, not really… Haha, that’s a lie. I thought you know better. C’mon! You knew me since kindergarten!”

“Well, sometimes we can’t judge a book by its cover, ya know?” And Sean showed the unfailing perfect smile he always had….

“Ahah, I guess…. Well, here’s my stop. Shall we walk to school together tomorrow? I need to burn some more calories…”

“Sure, why not? I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye!”

“Bye, Sean!”

That was the last time I saw him today. Somehow it made me recall back when we first met… We’ve known each other since my family and I moved to this residential area, called County Heights when we were 5. He’s my next door neighbor. He has a younger sister named Samantha. We often played together when we were little. We’re older kids now but we still remain good friends.

I’m in my room now. Every corners of my wall are filled with Jesse’s pictures. Since he said it’s over, down, torn and in to the bin the pictures go! He’s driving me nuts for not giving me reasons why he ended our relationship…. *sigh* I better get some sleep and de-stress myself…. Zzz…

I woke up at about 7pm last night. It was a really lloooonnnngggg nap. I went straight to the bathroom, showered, had my dinner and finished my homework. A typical Thursday night I shall say… I’m walking to school with Sean now. Both of us are very quiet all of a sudden… Until…

“Oh, I almost forgot! I made strawberry milkshake just for you this morning. Pink and healthy!”

“Oh my, you didn’t have to…”

“Nah, it’s nothing,”

“Sean, Jesse and I broke up yesterday…”

“Hmm… I can see why we’re walking to school now…”

“Yeah… Glad we ran into each other yesterday…”

“Glad I’m here with you…”

And at that moment, I saw Sam coming out of Jesse’s car…. It’s as if the time stops but the world kept crushing my head over and over… I pretended I didn’t see them, walked away and dragged Sean with me… We went to our locker, which is just next to each other, took our books and got ready for Biology.

“Helen, I saw… I can’t pretend that nothing is bothering you…” Sean said suddenly.

I couldn’t help myself but to hug him and pour my heart out. He hugged be back, I just went on and hugged him tighter and tighter…

“You do realized I’m having a hard time breathing?” said Sean with giggles in his voice.

“Sorry… I’m done crying now. Ready for Biology?”

“Hey, the toilet is just 5 feet away. Wash up and get yourself all fresh for Biology class, okay?”

“Okay… I’ll see you in five minutes…”

The whole day went well, I suppose… I didn’t focus in class, cried some more and Sean had to help me copy notes from the teachers. *smile* I’m so glad he’s around… Or else I would have been in constant depress….for the fifth time. Now we’re on the way home, and again the both of us were quiet… I just didn’t feel like talking…

“Helen, I’d like to take you out this evening. Is that okay with you?”

“I don’t know…. I just broke up with Jesse, Sean… I’m not ready for a date yet…”

“Who said anything about dating? I’ll pick you up at 6 okay?”

“Sean, please? Not today…”

“I don’t take no for an answer. It’s either I’m taking you out tonight or you’re gonna stay depressed over a loser who just dumped you. Which do you pick?”

I was silent…..

“Okay, I’ll be here at 6,”

I didn’t realize I’ve reach my house….

“Bye, Helen. See you later!”

I still didn’t say a word….

Well, just as he planned, he arrived at my place at 6 sharp… I wonder what he’s up to… No matter, I’m sure we’re not going anywhere fancy, so I’m just wearing my favorite pink dress that was gifted by my late grandmother. She had a great sense of style! I hopped into Sean’s car and he drove us to the beach… And I still don’t know what he’s up to… He drove us here, with a picnic basket and a pink blanket. Isn’t it too late for a picnic at this time?

“Sean, what are you up to?”

“C’mon Helen. Chill a lil’… Here’s a nice spot to watch the sun sets while we have our dinner – main course, hamburgers with fries! Desert would be lemon lime cream tart. As for the beverages, I brought strawberry smoothie.”

“Wow! I love this food! Eating while watching the sun sets? That’s even cooler!”

“Well, let’s dig in!!”

I had no idea Sean planned this… We ate like a couple of hungry horses, watch the sun sets and talk the whole night. By the time we were finished talking, it was late… REALLY late… We went home straight away…

Ever since that night, I’ve decided to move on and stay single for a bit longer now and focus more on what’s important – like this upcoming Valentine’s Day Dance. Being single for more than a month ain’t that bad, but to go to a dance where you’re the one who’s in charge of the activities for the whole night SUCKS! I don’t have a date… Everyone is going with someone but me…. Well, better get this dance ready before the big day. Date can wait later…

The decor and activities are perfect and well-planned, and today is V-day!! Love is in the air… Not for me… *sigh* I still don’t have a date for the dance tonight…

But I did receive a V-day gift from an anonymous admirer…. Flattering…. It’s a small box, inside there’s a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant and a pink diamond in the middle. There’s a card with it too.

“Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you like your gift. It’s especially for you.
Signed, Lucky S.
P/S: Please wear your favorite pink dress. You look gorgeous in it!”

Someone has been stalking me all this while…. Flattering yet terrifying… Alright, I’ll wear my pink dress with this necklace and see who’s this Lucky S might be…. It shouldn’t too hard, should it?

It’s the big V-Day Dance tonight and everyone seem to have a date of their own… I stood at a corner, watching everyone, but a man without his date is nowhere to be found… Until I heard someone’s voice…


“Owh, it’s you…”

“You don’t seem glad to see me. Waiting for someone?”

“Not really… Sorry…”

“Nah, it’s okay. Nice necklace you got there. You look pretty with it…”

“Thanks! Err… Where’s your date?”

“Would you like to dance with me instead of standing here all by yourself?”

“Hmm… I guess, why not?”

And there we were, at the dance floor… I’m still looking for Lucky S, though…. Could it be Sean….?


“Aah, yes?”

“You really look beautiful tonight… Smile a little more, please?”

“Owh, thank you. Sean, earlier today….”

“Shh…. Listen…”

From that moment, I knew…

“Lucky, by Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliat…”

“Any reason you chose this song tonight?”

“Lucky to be in love with my best friend…., Sean…”

Our eyes met and our lips became one.

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