Empty Inside

Hello time, once again you outrun me
When I’ve been trying to finish the race
I thought you were just passing through
But I guess that was never your intend

I think Imma take a break for awhile
Take a deep breath and just let go
Eyes closed, embrace the rushing wind
And I could hear Mother Nature’s song

Where am I? Where was I heading to?
I think I’ve lost my sense of directions
I’ve forgotten my initial plans
Because now I am very much in love

Tapping my fingers according to beat
Pulling my feet towards the music
I look up to the sky and I thought
Where is this coming from?

Oh no, I shouldn’t have distracted myself
This is wrong in every right way
I really should be going now
Yet I want to dance in the pouring rain

I don’t know how to continue
Or when and from where for that matters
Now time is even further away
While I’m still aimlessly standing here

Empty inside, I thought I’d be happy
I thought I could please everyone
Without having to fake a smile
I thought this is what I want

Dragging my legs, solemnly walking
To wherever I’m was told to go to
My heart is bitterly holding back tears
Took a deep breath as the wind blew

Don’t wait for me my dear time
I’ll be there soon you’ll see
I’m running the race of my life
The only race I’m hoping to win


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