Coming Undone

I’m just lying in my bed
Well, there’s nothing much to say
When you’re not here to listen
Meanwhile, the night is still young

I can’t help but being myself
Evermore when I am hurt
The other side of me that no one knows
No even you, because it doesn’t show

Mainly because it doesn’t matter
When it comes to me you’ll just shiver
Disgusted, maybe, they seem the same
All your emotions that will never change

Complicated as you can ever be
When all I need is your honesty
I’ve given myself and you some time
But what the heck, my words never rhymed!

I’m starting to think that we’re not sincere
Towards each other though it’s not that queer
Partly because we’re both half-hearted
As guilt covers the rest of us, period.

Whatever the reason and reasons maybe
It’s all in our heads whispering “Could it be?”
Losing faith as our hearts get broken
Little by little we’re coming undone

At the end of the day I’d just cry
Cheering myself up and then fake a smile
For all the people surrounding me
Even though not with their hearts they see


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