Hello November

Since my last post, I’ve been keeping things low-key. I took 3 days off social media, kept (most of) my opinions away from twitter, spent a lot of my time off at home, and rethink just about every plans that I had made for my future, be it days, weeks, months, years away. And I’m kinda glad that I did all of those things. In a way, they kept me focused on the “now” – current projects and bigger (than usual) events. I also get to spend more time with the family, because my dad got a letter to transfer back to Sarawak. And I’ve decided to not go with them.

Work wise, so far one of my favourite projects to date was editing a short film produced by Observers’ Playground, a production “playground” that I’ve been a part of since The Lovesical. There had been multiple miscommunications and technical difficulties that almost cost us the deadline. We were doing count downs with series of pictures and two trailers so there was no way for us to miss it due to “technical difficulties”. As the (self-titled) manager for the count down, I wasn’t going to let this slip.

So, I went on and downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro and edited the entire thing myself.

First thing – OMG PREMIERE! I mean, it’s so much lighter than Final Cut Pro X and iMovie. They’re both rubbish to me now LOL. I have never used any Adobe softwares until the day I started editing the movie. In fact, I did everything in under 12 hours – edit, colour, music, and upload. Passable, but there is still so much to learn. I wish I have more projects to work on so I could keep Premiere, even if they are personal projects. Which brings me to a throwback – Letter to November. I really do miss doing these kind of videos.

I’m still doing events at Laundry Bar and The Bee. I took my braces off and now annoyingly wearing a retainer. Every first week upon receiving my paycheck I spend a portion of them on food, like really good, brunch food. I am currently on a Buzzfeed craze – Facebook videos, recipe lists, you name it. I am collecting recipes, doing budgeting, and making a list of things that I will need to buy after my family move out, because you know, the house will be empty and quiet. Wireless printer, check! I also sang at my friend’s wedding, in front of 300++ people.

Here’s my glass for the remaining two months of the year, where I will fill my off days with wishlists, making and saving more money, and planning next year with DIY projects, experiencing kitchen conundrums, and hopefully being able to blog more about my life. I’m particularly excited about home organizing and design ideas, since I will have the entire apartment to play around with!

signing out,
mel x

here is the latest picture of my face, taken earlier this morning on the way to church.
here is the latest picture of my face, taken earlier this morning on the way to church.


The Lovesical: Musicals within a Musical

Fancy reliving a little bit of your childhood through a love story?

Hello loves. I’ve sat in front of the computer emailing away telling VIPs the past day about this special musical that I am a part of. And now I want to tell you about it!

My friend (and kaki teman makan) Amanda Leong, a student in her last semester in the International College of Music, decided to challenge herself into producing a show that is unique; musicals, within a musical, for her graduation portfolio. She has seek mentorship from Thasha Gunaseelan, a local theatre performer who is also directing the musical, to help her overcome her challenges.

The show entitle The Lovesical  is an originally written, with songs rearranged from notable musicals to suit the script based on the synopsis. The story revolves around 2 people who while discovering themselves and pursuing their dreams fall in love. Classic.

The team behind The Lovesical are volunteers consisting of budding actors and first-timers. Amanda has decided to use this opportunity to open up a platform to build their profile. I, myself is a first timer is handling the PR aspects & on show day, front of house (not the engineer kind lol). We are all pretty much very new to our little journey but we’re pushing through!

The Lovesical will run 4 times from July 10th to July 12th at the Damansara Performing Art Centre. Showtimes are:

  • 10 July 2015 (Fri), 8.30pm
  • 11 July 2015 (Sat), 3.00pm
  • 11 July 2015 (Sat), 8.30pm
  • 12 July 2015 (Sun), 3.00pm

However our Saturday matinée show  is sold out as it will be our charity show sponsored by a kind gentleman that wishes to remain anonymous.

For tickets, log on to www.dpac.com.my. I should note that there’s a special promotion of buy 10 free 1 going on now. If you’re very interested, please contact me or Amanda! Emails below.

The Lovesical team is also looking for supporters, to sponsor and to partner in order make this show a success. Any form of support is welcome. 😀

For details on how to support financially please email me at melinyasarah@gmail.com.
For details on how to partner with Amanda please email leong_yinghuey@icom.edu.my.

See you there!

A4 Poster

post production blues + top 10 lessons

photo by Joshua Chay.

have i mentioned that i love doing productions? like “i don’t care if i have to sacrifice sleep and food as long as there are results” kind of love? ok lah that’s not love already. it’s almost like addiction lol.

i have been incredibly lucky enough to be a part of a recent album launch. it is even better when i’ve been a fan of the artist’s music since my college days. she defines her sound as indie, but our ears get to enjoy so much more beyond the loose term. it is great music. take it from me 😉

i’ll never fail to be in the deep slump of post production blues….aka back to no life, when it’s all over. i’ll forever be grateful for my involvements in the tribute concerts that my college used to produce semesterly. yes, i still love the idea of months of hardwork putting into one amazing night, working with an amazing team of people of all areas, from organizers to musicians.

SO. since i don’t want to leave this event buried deep in my heart so here are the top 10 lessons that i want to share!

  1. communication is key! emails, whatsapps, calls, sms-es….BLACK AND WHITES keeps everybody OUT of the grey area!
  2. precise roles are crucial. not everybody is capable of doing everything by themselves….get someone to help! have somebody to help you focus on one thing while you focus on the other.
  3. being considerate is mandatory. we’re all in this together. we all have our own bumps and if you can’t understand your teammate’s problems, talk it out and solve it.
  4. prioritizing is important. this one gets even more important as the launch date grows near. avoid giving yourself unnecessary stress. help yourself by completing tasks that takes like 1 minute to finish while working on the bigger tasks. make a list! have a schedule with you by your side all the time.
  5. give yourself a deadline for everything. this should be after making your list, but is especially helpful when deadlines are already set for you by other people. their deadline(s) is/are NOT your deadline(s). if you need to present something always have it done days before so you’ll have time to screen it and make amendments if necessary.
  6. being able to move on fast is necessary. there will always be frictions! dwelling too long on one or more will only be in the way of your progress. get over it and move on!!
  7. learn how to differentiate between personal and work relationships. this one is a bit tricky. when you’re checked in for work always try to keep up a professional relationship, keeping work in check at all times, and then check out at the end of the day when work is done. i have a bit of a problem with this one as my mind is constantly working and i also tend to mix personal and work relationships interchangeably when i don’t realize it. it’s not the best kind of mix when i take things personally sometimes.
  8. learn to lend a hand whenever you can, even if it’s not your job. a bit of help doesn’t hurt! we all need it sometimes!
  9. words of encouragements are magical words even when we think we don’t need them. good morning! great job guys! you guys sounded great!
  10. last but not least, love what you’re doing. this will make everything else in this list a lot easier to do when you love what you’re doing!

thank you Michelle and team for the amazing opportunity. always a pleasure working with a team of talented and skilled human beings. I MISS YOU PEOPLE ALREADY *cries* 😥

iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/my/album/panic-bird/id972746634
iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/my/album/panic-bird/id972746634

now GUYS. go gift yourself with one of the best creations of 2015! i just got mine on iTunes 😀

workspace: the BULB Coffee

what a day! let me tell you about it.

if i can afford to rent an office space for me to do my work, i would, okay? fast wifi, nicely treated acoustic, comfortable furnitures, unlimited supply of food……. yeah well, i can’t have it all now can i ? *sad face*

so i thought, you know, why not embrace the freelance life to the fullest? working from a hipster cafe and all…..ha okay anyway, i asked on twitter and facebook what’s the best place with fast wifi and great working environment besides Starbucks? not hating on starbucks, but i basically just wanted to not leave my spot for 8 hours straight.

i was recommended 2 places, and decided to go with Bulb Coffee, because it was the closest to my place and parking was slightly more accessible.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

i sat relatively near to the entrance. i spotted their power extension decided to settle down here almost right away. heeeeee

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

they have a good variety of food and beverages. drinks are not more than rm12 (unless you ask for add-ons), the most expensive food on the menu is the big breakfast – rm17.90.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

the decor is very homey. makes me feel very comfortable! music is from spotify, and i suspect they’re playing it from the coffee-house playlist because it’s soooo familiar hehe.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

this is my dinner! i had aglio olio for breakfast and pasta with basic tomato-based sauce for lunch. their portion isn’t big, but just enough to fill my tummy for 3-5 hours each time. i’ve had 2 cups of latte, 1 glass of orange juice and a cup of honey lemon throughout the day. the total amount comes to about rm70 (ahmagah). but i got 90% of my work done just from sitting here so i have no complaints!

coffee is great. environment is perfect; not too crowded. food is decent.

ears are tired, back is hurting, shaking and dizzy from coffee withdrawals HAHAH.

heading over to No Black Tie right after this to catch Zalila Lee and friends!! YAAAASSSS

work hard. play hard. 😉

taking a break. penang. epsilon. back to laundry???

i’m gonna start by saying this: while i was in the middle of writing this post, i got a call around 3 ish asking me to come over to Laundry to set up, yesterday. before i left the company, i have met the new sound guy. some of you know who he is. i don’t know why and when he backed out, but he did. so i’m back. i don’t know for how long but i am. thankfully, it’s only on a part-time basis. news and shoes production services is still very much my first priority. please read on.


i’m a workaholic. it’s hard not to work sometimes. and by that i mean thinking, planning, making lists etc. everything around me is work-related; music, makeup, food. my work life is heavily centred around these three things. my day in itself is a schedule. and i’m glad i have about a week to just laze around, maybe reading 3 books and just listen to new music until i start working again. ha, yeah right.

i haven’t got around to putting up my rates yet. but i promise you it’ll be up by the end of this week. i have a rough idea on how i’m gonna lay it all out, but most of it will need to be enquired by emailing me, so everything will be in black and white. i will have a bank account and all that probably included as well, because i’m trying to impose the 50% deposit upon confirmation.

a post production company took 4 months to pay a mere rm240. i can’t accept that anymore. it’s my income we’re talking about here.

so, news and shoes production services is a simple idea: when you need someone for your show/band, i will be there. sometimes if you need more than one person, i will have a team with me. i can also provide equipment rental, if you’d like. i’m partnering with a studio as well, if ever you need a space to record anything at all, a song, maybe. basically, i’m your problem solver, so i’ve been known as. we’ll work together, to meet your interest.

if you’re curious, you can email me to know more. if you have never worked with me before, you can start by reading this. to give you a quick overview, i love working with people. i love a good series of challenges. and i am willing to expand my horizons. 🙂

last saturday, i went on a day trip to penang for the 1M4U event in politeknik seberang perai. i went as the tour/band manager.

i would lie if i said that it wasn’t challenging to a certain degree.

one of the things that i had to do was to get everybody on the same wavelength. this is especially hard when everybody is exhausted to begin with from the 5am drive up. 4 hours to penang, give and take. nah, nobody was really ready for it, both emotionally and physically. now imagine having one person moodier from the rest. (send help) i had to talk some sense and work something out while making sure everybody else is okay with the constantly revised plans.

now. i’m a self-trained production manager. and i hate the grey area. i will make schedules after tech riders after writing emails just to keep everybody on the same page. and i’m particularly not a big fan of the grey area when we’re days away from the event. i did a lot of emailing just to find out what was going on, and i can almost believe that the organizers might not be a fan of me by now (ha) but like i said, i’m very particular. from schedules to tech rider to accommodation and f&b, it’s my job to know about everything related to the event and band as much as possible, and to know that the band will be well taken care of.

i would say the trip wasn’t a let down at all. besides the event schedule changing twice since we arrived, no major issues surfaced. i would wanna talk about the amount of times our mbox failed but everybody in the team has decided to have a band meeting some time soon, so hopefully we can come up with better plans for future gigs.

the crowd was super sporting! there wasn’t any dry applause, and a lot of them were eager to take a picture with Froya and the band during dinner break. the production team was also A+. patient, on point. plus, they tuned the system before we began sound check, which made our sound guy’s work smooth. all in all, we all went back home with a happy and satisfied feeling!

that was my first job since resigning. i’m looking forward for more. but for now, i’m gonna spend time just chilling and reading my books. i just finished a book called “the riddles of epsilon” by Christine Morton-Shaw. i will still stand by this. i need rest!

This book. Too good. 90% diary format, one that I've been meaning to read in the longest time!

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i’m a bit on the fence with this one initially. the words were too simple and straightforward. but then i realized the whole book was a diary format, which kinda makes sense in the end. i enjoyed the plot and occasional twists from time to time. not much of a page turner but it wasn’t boring either. the ending is ace. it wasn’t some cliche ending, which made me feel very, very satisfied with the whole book in itself.

“There are many wonders in this world that will remain quite beyond your reach unless, in fact, you reach for them.”
Christine Morton-Shaw, The Riddles of Epsilon

and with that quote, i end this post. x

news and shoes | production management

ANNOUNCEMENT: News and Shoes production services is available for booking beginning February 2015!

Do you need a live sound engineer? A stage manager? Or simply dying to hire a production manager for your show? LOOK NO FURTHER, because this girl loves drawing energy from the people that she works with! 10714117_10204361738020228_7781639408335932983_o No stranger to the audio world and a music lover herself, Mell is not one to joke about when it comes to her mission in assisting a band tastefully showcasing their talent or watch a show growing to its full potential, blooming like the flowers in the Garden of Eden. Oh, it’s almost sinful that you can taste it, but the guilty pleasure is real; Mell is a workaholic and she loves every bit of energy that she can draw from everyone around her.

That’s right folks, you just read it first hand – Mell is going back to the freelance world. Give her the warmest welcome ever by filling up her calendar with your job offers!!

List of major services provided:

  1. Production Manager
  2. Live Sound Engineer
  3. Stage Manager

List of minor services provided:

  1. Stage Crew / Band Tech
  2. Roadie
  3. Studio/Live Recording Engineer
  4. Social Media Manager (hek eleh)
  5. Instructor (Conducting Series of Training Services / Workshops)
  6. Driver (lololol)

Tweet her at @melinyasarah or email her at newsandshoesproduction@gmail.com to reach her!

Now back to regular updates….. I am leaving my current job at Laundry Bar, The Curve and my last day will be on the 30th of January. I’m hoping to get back to work as soon as 1st February but it’s gonna be entirely up to you guys. I’m going to start from zero, leaving a comfortable job, to start-up a little dream of mine – a production company.

I love the idea of being a part of and working on one show for two whole months, and then watching it bloom…even if it’s gonna be for one night only.

I love experimenting, exploring different possibilities and not being limited to pre-written, foolproof instructions.

I love teaching, breaking things down and laying them out so my students could chew easily and digest better.

I love travelling, so touring is definitely in my bucket list.

This box that I’m now in…I’ve been asking myself a lot of what ifs while I’m in it. I’ve decided that I want to break that curiosity and replace it with indefinite possibilities. This blog is to share with you on how you can help me.

I will have a page of all my rates up by the end of the month. If you’ve worked with me while I was still with Laundry, you will soon realize that my new rates are a little bit more on the competitive side, because I need to be able to earn a living, and not just saving up a bit of pocket-money while having a stable income. This is the real deal, guys.

My main area of ability is in the live sound field, especially stage. But I’m willing to expand my wings and fly. Please share the word around to anyone and everyone that needs an extra pair of hands! Your support means a lot and I will forever be grateful. 🙂

roller-coaster week!

I’m not kidding guys; I’ve been on my feet 7 days straight and all I could remember was waking up, eat, work, sleep, REPEAT. Anything in between was in automatic mode, so I remember none of it in details. It’s like I got a hangover after being drunk for 7 days, lol.

Let’s start with last weekend – the Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival 2014. Honestly, I couldn’t take part in ALL of the activities that was organized, even if I try. But, that was the beauty of it! A festival full of all things arts – music (of course!), dance, movies, poetry, open mic, food (!!!), workshops, and many more! There was even a street of bazaar just behind the Pentas 1, where people were selling jewellery, decorations, bags, cookies, and books.

I was mostly in Pentas 2 for the live bands on the first day, as I was mixing for An Honest Mistake and Froya, and that I didn’t wanna miss the rest of the bands that were playing. I figured since it’s gonna be a 2-day sets, the bands were more than likely to play the same or similar sets on both days, so I took the time to explore the rest of the festival on the second day.

On the first night, my friend Ivan and I went to the Gala Night. 😀 They featured performances by the DAMA group, MPO Orchestra, the band MonoloQue, Zainal Abidin, and Sheila Majid!

More pictures here! [x]





















On Monday I went to Malone’s KLCC. The band called The Tangents from ISKL was performing and I was in charged of stage and sound. It started off nice and easy, and slowly going a lot crazier during the second and third set!! The air conditioning wasn’t functioning, and you would think no one would bother to even move with all that drink, but nooooooo. Everyone was on their feet and started dancing!! [x] [x]

my view.


Tuesday was Moonshine’s 9th Anniversary Celebration! I haven’t plan for a production this scale in such a long time and of course I was excited!!! Right after I got all information needed for the show, I did my channel list and production schedule. I got Cliff (my intern!) and Brian to help me out, and Reza got Hameer to manage the schedule, keeping everybody on time! I had Cliff handling the outside stage, while Brian and I covered the main (inside) stage.

Channel List & Equipment Needs | Production Schedule

 Wednesday was the usual Urban Sunset & Thursday was Rock is Dead?!.

this is how i roll on wednesdays 😉


Friday, I had the pleasure to handle stage and sound for The Russell Curtis Project at Malone’s KLCC. He was backed by Anthony Muthurajah and Sivam (lastname:Drummer as he wouldn’t tell me -_-).


As you can already tell, my week has slowed down tremendously and I’m about to have my usual off days tomorrow and the day after. Even though I’m looking forward to doing a lot of resting and let my body recover (and maybe doing a bit of running since I haven’t been doing it in ages), I’m immensely grateful that I was given the opportunities to be busy and doing what I love, and still able to call it my job. I’m beyond blessed and there is no other way to express my gratitude towards my roller-coaster week.

I’m not gonna stop doing what I love doing. I asked for challenges to come at me, and I got them. Keep ’em coming! 😀