I’m Doing A New Video Series!

All right guys, it’s time for me to properly grow up. Meal planning, grocery budgeting, bill filing… Sounds dreadful, isn’t it??? But it’s something that most of us have to deal with once we’ve reached a certain age. It’s even a bigger responsibility when you live on your own like I do. So, what’s so special about this video series?

Well. My monthly salary right now is RM2,200. Living in Kuala Lumpur is expensive. The ketogenic diet is expensive. Having homeowner fees are giving me a headache… What better way to deal with all of this than to make videos about them?! Ha.

Last year was a huge grown-up sesh for me. I learned that it is still possible to save money even with a salary of RM1725 after tax. Sure, that’s when I’m not investing into clothing and tools for work every other month, but when I’m forcing myself to spend only on necessities like food and petrol, I was able to put aside RM350 every month without fail.

That’s RM100 for any emergencies and the services for my car, RM250 for an untouchable account.

Pretty neat right?

So I thought, it wouldn’t be harder with a little bit of increment with my current full-time job. I say a little bit because there is a fair bit of payment on one particular category that I will talk about in the next video. Ha, shameless plug – stay tuned for that one!

Anyways, this is just a little intro blog post. There will be a video coming soon on what I have spent in January and my budgeting plans for February. Until then, check out my Instagram this week where I am posting about my lunch/dinner meals for 6 days this week. It’s a little behind the scene on what I meal plan.

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