What I aim to achieve in 2016

More weekend getaways, please.

2015 has been a year of keeping myself grounded. When I launched News and Shoes Productions I wasn’t sure the kind of brand I was going to offer. I know the kind of services that I wanted to do, but I need a lot more work on branding. Even my business card is very generic. I have no logo because I haven’t quite figured out what News and Shoes really is. But rest assured, one thing stands, I’d still want to create a platform for freelancers when I can.

Now before we go into what 2016 will be like for me, I’d like to go over my 2015 goals that I never achieved. Because frankly, I abandoned most of them after Singapore. Nothing else mattered!!

  1. to quit my current job.
  2. to grow back my long hair.
  3. to read at least 15 books.
  4. to travel to at least 1 neighbouring country.
  5. (at least) 1 photography gig.
  6. (at least) 1 music video gig.
  7. new fashion style. (ahahahahaha who am i even kidding)
  8. to blog a minimum of once a week!!!
  9. to complete 15 free online courses!
  10. to release my compilation of originals! oh my :3
  11. to be a part of 1 album production.
  12. to write 15 short stories!
  13. to publish at least 5 newspaper articles, / contribute a section in the opinions column.
  14. to release video letters every month.
  15. to write 1 song every month! pressureeeeee!

Everything else can just suck it because Singapore is everything.

But seriously, I haven’t been spending the time to be creative this past year. I just allowed myself to work and work and work and when I don’t work, I rest up so I could be mentally and physically ready for the next job. It’s a cycle. There’s no value in a lot of the things that I did. No complaints, though, I lost some relationship and gained few new ones. So far the new ones mattered more than the ones I lost, and I am perfectly okay with that.

One of the things that I learned this year was to trust my heart more. Trust in my intolerance, trust my frustration, trust anything that my heart deems red alert. Because as soon as those things are gone from my life, I literally feel liberated. Sure, they seem like an opportunity for me to grow in patience and to adapt, but when being put down and unjustly criticized becomes a routine or habit from someone, enough is enough. Indeed, your life is a lot better when you learn to filter the things thrown at you.

ALL RIGHT. Putting the negative things aside, 2015 has been an amazing year! One of my fondest memory is singing at my friend, Audrey’s wedding last September. I was singing to Us The Duo’s No Matter Where You Are aka their wedding vows.  Audrey’s reaction was priceless!! ❤ I also drove all the way to Ipoh for a day trip work! Mom came along to go with me and help driving back a little at night. My first road trip!! And of course, the first time I travelled out of Malaysia, I got to visit/work in Singapore. You guys, Singapore is glorious. Such a beautiful country built for their people. You don’t necessarily feel like you’re in a different country because it’s like Malaysia but better. Ha. If it weren’t for our currency and if I were to actually live and work there, man, I could do so much better with my savings. Like, really. ❤

And now, for 2016, my goals are going to revolve around me and my “freedom”. Mostly, since I’ll be living on my own, I now have the liberty to do what I’ve always wanted to do – renovating the apartment. I won’t be going as far renovating, but I dream to do 10 things first, in no particular order:

  1. Replace the wooden floor in all the bedrooms.
  2. Maximizing storage spaces in the kitchen but getting maybe 2 Ikea shelves and incorporating tips I found online that works best for me.
  3. Convert half the living room into half my workstation until I’ve decided to get a TV.
  4. Get rid of all the wooden wardrobes in every room. Currently thinking of replacing them with Ikea’s RM60 rack and stand and a couple of baskets.
  5. Set up dining area with a wooden bench for the wall side, and 3 stools on the other side.
  6. Information center in the kitchen – tips, recipe etc
  7. Set up a tea/bar area. This is a fun idea!!
  8. Create a mudroom area. With whiteboard, calendar, shoe storage, a bench, notice board etc
  9. Build wall shelves for decoration – photos, candles etc
  10. Mini studio corner in my bedroom.

As far as work concern, the beginning of the year with nothing planned is always a scary time. When you’re a freelancer, you rely (most of the time) on your work performance and networking, hoping that others will call you to come work for them, for lack of better words. But there’s one thing that 2015 has taught me is that, as long as it is work, I’m willing to give it a try. Because of that, I’ve become what I have called myself to be – Jack of all trades, Master of none. I’m expanding my area of ability towards theater and artist managing. I’ve just recently learned that in theater there is no such thing as production manager, as the role is the same with the stage manager. Huh. Explains why I got the funny looks when I suggested the musical theater that I was working on required a stage manager. Mah bad. But hey, you learn as you go, right?

Anyways, here’s to fruitful 2016. Happy New Year, guys! x


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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