dear self:

sometimes a journey isn’t all about the view
sometimes you don’t like what you see around you
exhausting as it can get, working hard and getting little rest
you spend more time recovering than you do appreciating

maybe a journey isn’t all about the view
maybe you don’t have to like what you see around you
while the world is spinning, you as a human are ever changing
so don’t be afraid, remember to take a deep breath

fill your mind with beautiful thoughts
remember that you only ever deserve so much
the irony of feeling lonely in a space filled with souls
won’t help if you choose to feel like you’re alone

growing up will always be constant
and making choices isn’t really a choice
a simple rule to follow: make it once, make it right
you’ll get them right for the rest of your life

but don’t be afraid to make mistakes
scabs are just reminders of your faithful steps
as the night falls and you look back on your day
just be thankful that you made it back to your bed

heartbreaks only mean getting new adventures
only when you’re willing to be courageous
take heart, take flight, spread your wings in this world
touch lives, leave footprints, be the person you’d be proud of.


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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