workspace: the BULB Coffee

what a day! let me tell you about it.

if i can afford to rent an office space for me to do my work, i would, okay? fast wifi, nicely treated acoustic, comfortable furnitures, unlimited supply of food……. yeah well, i can’t have it all now can i ? *sad face*

so i thought, you know, why not embrace the freelance life to the fullest? working from a hipster cafe and all…..ha okay anyway, i asked on twitter and facebook what’s the best place with fast wifi and great working environment besides Starbucks? not hating on starbucks, but i basically just wanted to not leave my spot for 8 hours straight.

i was recommended 2 places, and decided to go with Bulb Coffee, because it was the closest to my place and parking was slightly more accessible.

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i sat relatively near to the entrance. i spotted their power extension decided to settle down here almost right away. heeeeee

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they have a good variety of food and beverages. drinks are not more than rm12 (unless you ask for add-ons), the most expensive food on the menu is the big breakfast – rm17.90.

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the decor is very homey. makes me feel very comfortable! music is from spotify, and i suspect they’re playing it from the coffee-house playlist because it’s soooo familiar hehe.

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this is my dinner! i had aglio olio for breakfast and pasta with basic tomato-based sauce for lunch. their portion isn’t big, but just enough to fill my tummy for 3-5 hours each time. i’ve had 2 cups of latte, 1 glass of orange juice and a cup of honey lemon throughout the day. the total amount comes to about rm70 (ahmagah). but i got 90% of my work done just from sitting here so i have no complaints!

coffee is great. environment is perfect; not too crowded. food is decent.

ears are tired, back is hurting, shaking and dizzy from coffee withdrawals HAHAH.

heading over to No Black Tie right after this to catch Zalila Lee and friends!! YAAAASSSS

work hard. play hard. šŸ˜‰

taking a break. penang. epsilon. back to laundry???

i’m gonna start by saying this: while i was in the middle of writing this post, i got a call around 3 ish asking me to come over to Laundry to set up, yesterday. before i left the company, i have met the new sound guy. some of you know who he is. i don’t know why and when he backed out, but he did. so i’m back. i don’t know for how long but i am. thankfully, it’s only on a part-time basis. news and shoes production servicesĀ is still very much my first priority. please read on.


i’m a workaholic. it’s hard not to work sometimes. and by that i mean thinking, planning, making lists etc. everything around me is work-related; music, makeup, food. my work life is heavily centred around these three things. my day in itself is a schedule. and i’m glad i have about a week to just laze around, maybe reading 3 books and just listen to new music until i start working again. ha, yeah right.

i haven’t got around to putting up my rates yet. but i promise you it’ll be up by the end of this week. i have a rough idea on how i’m gonna lay it all out, but most of it will need to be enquired by emailing me, so everything will be in black and white. i will have a bank account and all that probably included as well, because i’m trying to impose the 50% deposit upon confirmation.

a post production company took 4 months to pay a mere rm240. i can’t accept that anymore. it’s my income we’re talking about here.

so, news and shoes production services is a simple idea: when you need someone for your show/band, i will be there. sometimes if you need more than one person, i will have a team with me. i can also provide equipment rental, if you’d like. i’m partnering with a studio as well, if ever you need a space to record anything at all, a song, maybe. basically, i’m your problem solver, so i’ve been known as. we’ll work together, to meet your interest.

if you’re curious, you can email me to know more. if you have never worked with me before, you can start by reading this. to give you a quick overview, i love working with people. i love a good series of challenges. and i am willing to expand my horizons. šŸ™‚

last saturday, i went on a day trip to penang for the 1M4U event in politeknik seberang perai. i went as the tour/band manager.

i would lie if i said that it wasn’t challenging to a certain degree.

one of the things that i had to do was to get everybody on the same wavelength. this is especially hard when everybody is exhausted to begin with from the 5am drive up. 4 hours to penang, give and take. nah, nobody was really ready for it, both emotionally and physically. now imagine havingĀ one person moodier from the rest. (send help) i had to talk some sense and work something out while making sure everybody else is okay with the constantly revised plans.

now. i’m a self-trained production manager. and i hate the grey area. i will make schedules after tech ridersĀ after writing emailsĀ just to keep everybody on the same page. and i’m particularly not a big fan of the grey area when we’re days away from the event. i did a lot of emailing just to find out what was going on, and i can almost believe that the organizers might not be a fan of me by now (ha) but like i said, i’m very particular. from schedules to tech rider to accommodation and f&b, it’s my job to know about everything related to the event and band as much as possible, and to know that the band will be well taken care of.

i would say the trip wasn’t a let down at all. besides the event schedule changing twice since we arrived, no major issues surfaced. i would wanna talk about the amount of times our mbox failed but everybody in the team has decided to have a band meeting some time soon, so hopefully we can come up withĀ better plans for future gigs.

the crowd was super sporting! there wasn’t any dry applause, and a lot of them were eager to take a picture with Froya and the band during dinner break. the production team was also A+. patient, on point. plus, they tuned the system before we began sound check, which made our sound guy’s work smooth. all in all, we all went back home with a happy and satisfied feeling!

that was my first job since resigning. i’m looking forward for more. but for now, i’m gonna spend time just chilling and reading my books. i just finished a book called “the riddles of epsilon” by Christine Morton-Shaw. i will still stand by this. i need rest!

This book. Too good. 90% diary format, one that I've been meaning to read in the longest time!

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i’m a bit on the fence with this one initially. the words were too simple and straightforward. but then i realized the whole book was a diary format, which kinda makes sense in the end. i enjoyed the plot and occasional twists from time to time. not much of a page turner but it wasn’t boring either. the ending is ace. it wasn’t some cliche ending, which made me feel very, very satisfied with the whole book in itself.

ā€œThere are many wonders in this world that will remain quite beyond your reach unless, in fact, you reach for them.ā€
ā€• Christine Morton-Shaw, The Riddles of Epsilon

and with that quote, i end this post. x