summary and massive thanks


i am currently taking a break from doing my online courses. that’s almost an excuse since i’ve been procrastinating all day. DX

i have 5 more subjects to go with 2 modules each (roughly about 8-10 topics each module), so to sum up my week, this is going to be a really short blog!

my friend brought his Nikon D600 last wednesday to my workplace last week and i’ve decided to play around with it. it’s beautiful. i forgot what lens that it was paired with but i remembered it being with an f4. i downloaded the unprocessed pictures to my computer only after i edited them on my iPad with basic filters but i think they look quite alright. 😀






i also had the chance to perform with my friends at Laundry! i had cliff on the drums, subah on bass, and muhaimin and ivan on guitars! amanda and eugene also performed along with me for a slower number. i don’t think i had a problem with stage fright but i did feel like i had a new found confidence after! 😀

DSC_6567_Fotor DSC_6570_Fotor

on friday i attended a tech brand event (won’t mention the name here because let’s face it, nothing is flawless) and it was basically like end-of-the-year office party, highlighting their best products and sales, games, drinks, and all that jazz. what made me, in a way, find the event funny is that, because they were focusing so much on the brand name that they carry, they would not replace the laptop that they used for the video and audio, even though the audio jack had obvious buzzing noise. and no, it’s not the 50Hz ground loop.

it’s a little silly, honestly. i personally think no one would cared if it was brand x or not. but at the end of the day, nobody noticed the buzzing sound so i guess it’s all good.

i spent my day sleeping on saturday, something that i haven’t done in a while.

and on sunday, i started 8 free online courses….which i was supposed to start last monday… ha. and now i’m trying to complete module 2 of every subject. help me!

A BIG SHOUTOUT to all the people who has helped me spreading the news of me going back to freelancing! You guys are doing a MASSIVE favour and i really cannot thank you enough. HERE’S TO 2015!!

BONUS: Tumblr’s Explore section led me to this beautiful music. ENJOY!


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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