uninspired? maybe? meh

okay guys, this is me being uninspired going out looking for some….and i’m starting with this song. if i was still in high school full of emotional roller coaster, you know – teenage angst stuff, i would still write songs like this. no, not misery business, please, haley is queen. but, this:

i recorded this some time last year but it was one of the first few songs that i was really happy with when i started writing. i wrote based on my friends’ stories. i only wrote about my break up and post heartbreak drama mid 2010 but i couldn’t really get my words right and often changed it around so much. but i wrote a handful of songs within that year compared the last 3-4 years combined.

so then college happened and i was struggling to write. and i wrote this one based on a blog that i read.

it wasn’t the first time i wrote something based off a blog but i was happy that i finally wrote one since i finished school. until one day i was bored on a saturday night and decided to play around some chords with a bunch of random words thrown in. i’m embarrassed to show you the original version so here’s my college project version of it (which is not as great tbh lol but this one makes me cringe less). ALSO THE GUITAR PARTS unf

last year i only managed to write 5 songs. i’m happy with the songs. but. there’s this term that i wanna associate with to explain why it isn’t enough: printing. i’ve been recycling my ideas and i’m starting to see more and more similar patterns one after the other. some are deliberate though, to keep the story going, but it just shows that i’m quite under-inspired lately.

one of my goals for this year is to write every month. i have an idea (with lyrics written!) going but i’ve been putting it on hold because i’m looking for ways to rephrase the words better. and i wanted to dedicate this song to the people who i really care about, like the way when i started writing.

and then you have people like Sia talking about the ways they write their songs. perfection.

my favourite part is around 4:58, after she was done explaining, she was like, “that was mental, can we have a copy of that?” and it makes me go “i want to write like that!!” i want to be able to just sit down and let go, let whatever that i feel in my heart flow out and be a masterpiece.

Here’s the thing though. We write these songs in like, 40 minutes, and then we just send them to somebody, we just never really refer back to them ever again.

Sia is perfection. enough said. and one day i will write like her.

summary and massive thanks


i am currently taking a break from doing my online courses. that’s almost an excuse since i’ve been procrastinating all day. DX

i have 5 more subjects to go with 2 modules each (roughly about 8-10 topics each module), so to sum up my week, this is going to be a really short blog!

my friend brought his Nikon D600 last wednesday to my workplace last week and i’ve decided to play around with it. it’s beautiful. i forgot what lens that it was paired with but i remembered it being with an f4. i downloaded the unprocessed pictures to my computer only after i edited them on my iPad with basic filters but i think they look quite alright. 😀






i also had the chance to perform with my friends at Laundry! i had cliff on the drums, subah on bass, and muhaimin and ivan on guitars! amanda and eugene also performed along with me for a slower number. i don’t think i had a problem with stage fright but i did feel like i had a new found confidence after! 😀

DSC_6567_Fotor DSC_6570_Fotor

on friday i attended a tech brand event (won’t mention the name here because let’s face it, nothing is flawless) and it was basically like end-of-the-year office party, highlighting their best products and sales, games, drinks, and all that jazz. what made me, in a way, find the event funny is that, because they were focusing so much on the brand name that they carry, they would not replace the laptop that they used for the video and audio, even though the audio jack had obvious buzzing noise. and no, it’s not the 50Hz ground loop.

it’s a little silly, honestly. i personally think no one would cared if it was brand x or not. but at the end of the day, nobody noticed the buzzing sound so i guess it’s all good.

i spent my day sleeping on saturday, something that i haven’t done in a while.

and on sunday, i started 8 free online courses….which i was supposed to start last monday… ha. and now i’m trying to complete module 2 of every subject. help me!

A BIG SHOUTOUT to all the people who has helped me spreading the news of me going back to freelancing! You guys are doing a MASSIVE favour and i really cannot thank you enough. HERE’S TO 2015!!

BONUS: Tumblr’s Explore section led me to this beautiful music. ENJOY!

news and shoes | production management

ANNOUNCEMENT: News and Shoes production services is available for booking beginning February 2015!

Do you need a live sound engineer? A stage manager? Or simply dying to hire a production manager for your show? LOOK NO FURTHER, because this girl loves drawing energy from the people that she works with! 10714117_10204361738020228_7781639408335932983_o No stranger to the audio world and a music lover herself, Mell is not one to joke about when it comes to her mission in assisting a band tastefully showcasing their talent or watch a show growing to its full potential, blooming like the flowers in the Garden of Eden. Oh, it’s almost sinful that you can taste it, but the guilty pleasure is real; Mell is a workaholic and she loves every bit of energy that she can draw from everyone around her.

That’s right folks, you just read it first hand – Mell is going back to the freelance world. Give her the warmest welcome ever by filling up her calendar with your job offers!!

List of major services provided:

  1. Production Manager
  2. Live Sound Engineer
  3. Stage Manager

List of minor services provided:

  1. Stage Crew / Band Tech
  2. Roadie
  3. Studio/Live Recording Engineer
  4. Social Media Manager (hek eleh)
  5. Instructor (Conducting Series of Training Services / Workshops)
  6. Driver (lololol)

Tweet her at @melinyasarah or email her at newsandshoesproduction@gmail.com to reach her!

Now back to regular updates….. I am leaving my current job at Laundry Bar, The Curve and my last day will be on the 30th of January. I’m hoping to get back to work as soon as 1st February but it’s gonna be entirely up to you guys. I’m going to start from zero, leaving a comfortable job, to start-up a little dream of mine – a production company.

I love the idea of being a part of and working on one show for two whole months, and then watching it bloom…even if it’s gonna be for one night only.

I love experimenting, exploring different possibilities and not being limited to pre-written, foolproof instructions.

I love teaching, breaking things down and laying them out so my students could chew easily and digest better.

I love travelling, so touring is definitely in my bucket list.

This box that I’m now in…I’ve been asking myself a lot of what ifs while I’m in it. I’ve decided that I want to break that curiosity and replace it with indefinite possibilities. This blog is to share with you on how you can help me.

I will have a page of all my rates up by the end of the month. If you’ve worked with me while I was still with Laundry, you will soon realize that my new rates are a little bit more on the competitive side, because I need to be able to earn a living, and not just saving up a bit of pocket-money while having a stable income. This is the real deal, guys.

My main area of ability is in the live sound field, especially stage. But I’m willing to expand my wings and fly. Please share the word around to anyone and everyone that needs an extra pair of hands! Your support means a lot and I will forever be grateful. 🙂