2015 goals!

i don’t believe new resolutions should be made every year. it should be done every day. 😉

hello loves! i have been away, hiding, away from mostly reality but we all know that’s impossible. ha. but in all serious, if you’ve read my last post, i was really just trying to get my shit together in my absence.

mell is pondering about life. mostly what to have but dinner. same difference.
mell is pondering about life. mostly what to have for dinner. meh. same difference.

i have done a lot of thinking lately, and one of it was trying to figure out why i am not too fond of my current job even though at the beginning of it i was just thrilled to be a part of an organization and was looking forward to a series of challenges. but that’s the thing – i’m not challenged.

i’m not saying i hate the job or anything; i just feel like i could do so much more but my potentials and/or talents are wasted. doing the same routine every week has made me feeling a little too comfortable (it’d be too obnoxious for me to say that i got too good at my job LOL). it’s a lot more satisfying for me when i freelance with and for other people. you’ll never know what to expect and so i’m always rising up above my own levels “just in case”, which is, naturally always good and helpful.

anyways, that is top on my list for this year’s goals for sure. i’m prepping mentally to go back to freelancing. i don’t know what to expect, but i am opening myself up for a range of service soon with rates and all that so it’ll be easier for anyone who’s asking.

i’m not gonna stop here either. i’m going to seek jobs, accepting whatever opportunities that i know i can perform very well on, and hopefully at the same time, able to add-on to my ever-growing list of skills.

i hope everyone’s 2014 has been great so far. the bright side of everything is that you’re always learning new things, whether you realize them at first. the key to life is to always love, because “love is an open door!” HA.

all right then, cheeseballz out. here are my top 15 goals of 2015. hope yours aren’t as lame as mine. :3

  1. to quit my current job.
  2. to grow back my long hair.
  3. to read at least 15 books.
  4. to travel to at least 1 neighbouring country.
  5. (at least) 1 photography gig.
  6. (at least) 1 music video gig.
  7. new fashion style. (ahahahahaha who am i even kidding)
  8. to blog a minimum of once a week!!!
  9. to complete 15 free online courses!
  10. to release my compilation of originals! oh my :3
  11. to be a part of 1 album production.
  12. to write 15 short stories!
  13. to publish at least 5 newspaper articles / contribute a section in the opinions column.
  14. to release video letters every month.
  15. to write 1 song every month! pressureeeeee!

here’s my last original of 2014. enjoy! x


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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