roller-coaster week!

I’m not kidding guys; I’ve been on my feet 7 days straight and all I could remember was waking up, eat, work, sleep, REPEAT. Anything in between was in automatic mode, so I remember none of it in details. It’s like I got a hangover after being drunk for 7 days, lol.

Let’s start with last weekend – the Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival 2014. Honestly, I couldn’t take part in ALL of the activities that was organized, even if I try. But, that was the beauty of it! A festival full of all things arts – music (of course!), dance, movies, poetry, open mic, food (!!!), workshops, and many more! There was even a street of bazaar just behind the Pentas 1, where people were selling jewellery, decorations, bags, cookies, and books.

I was mostly in Pentas 2 for the live bands on the first day, as I was mixing for An Honest Mistake and Froya, and that I didn’t wanna miss the rest of the bands that were playing. I figured since it’s gonna be a 2-day sets, the bands were more than likely to play the same or similar sets on both days, so I took the time to explore the rest of the festival on the second day.

On the first night, my friend Ivan and I went to the Gala Night. 😀 They featured performances by the DAMA group, MPO Orchestra, the band MonoloQue, Zainal Abidin, and Sheila Majid!

More pictures here! [x]





















On Monday I went to Malone’s KLCC. The band called The Tangents from ISKL was performing and I was in charged of stage and sound. It started off nice and easy, and slowly going a lot crazier during the second and third set!! The air conditioning wasn’t functioning, and you would think no one would bother to even move with all that drink, but nooooooo. Everyone was on their feet and started dancing!! [x] [x]

my view.


Tuesday was Moonshine’s 9th Anniversary Celebration! I haven’t plan for a production this scale in such a long time and of course I was excited!!! Right after I got all information needed for the show, I did my channel list and production schedule. I got Cliff (my intern!) and Brian to help me out, and Reza got Hameer to manage the schedule, keeping everybody on time! I had Cliff handling the outside stage, while Brian and I covered the main (inside) stage.

Channel List & Equipment Needs | Production Schedule

 Wednesday was the usual Urban Sunset & Thursday was Rock is Dead?!.

this is how i roll on wednesdays 😉


Friday, I had the pleasure to handle stage and sound for The Russell Curtis Project at Malone’s KLCC. He was backed by Anthony Muthurajah and Sivam (lastname:Drummer as he wouldn’t tell me -_-).


As you can already tell, my week has slowed down tremendously and I’m about to have my usual off days tomorrow and the day after. Even though I’m looking forward to doing a lot of resting and let my body recover (and maybe doing a bit of running since I haven’t been doing it in ages), I’m immensely grateful that I was given the opportunities to be busy and doing what I love, and still able to call it my job. I’m beyond blessed and there is no other way to express my gratitude towards my roller-coaster week.

I’m not gonna stop doing what I love doing. I asked for challenges to come at me, and I got them. Keep ’em coming! 😀


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