august: awesome happens


time flies when you’re having fun.
time flies when you appreciate the people around you more.
time flies when you give yourself another chance in life to live it.

Yes, Awesome do happen. My new job of two-month old is awesome, the people who I’m working with are awesome, my family is awesome, my friends are awesome, and the best of all, I am awesome. I lost myself for a while and haven’t been feeling confident in my work and my performance. But I realized over time that I am 21 and working a full-time job that I love, a place that I’d never thought I’ll be in, for having to always feel like I’m far behind my peers [in terms of knowledge and opportunities] back when I was in college.

I can’t. I just do not have the ability to express my gratitude for August that the Lord has blessed me with. My dad brought my family to Port Dickson, my colleagues have become my new family, PJEFC took the time to wrap a little parting gift on my last day, I get to watch my friends perform (where I’m not working) every once in a while…. I’ve learned to love coffee again. I’m going to Miri with An Honest Mistake this weekend…. What is life?!

Here are the colours of my current life. ❤


Meanwhile……. Melanie is going back to Nashville. MELANIE IS LEAVING ME. 😥



IN A SEPARATE (AND ANOTHER AWESOME) NEWS: My little thoughts got published in The Star newspaper! I can only thank Ms Hariati Azizan for the opportunity. 🙂




Thank you friends for spotting my face and sending me the pictures! I did not get a chance to get myself a copy, but you can read the full articles here and here. Also cool findings: The Search for The Merdeka Speech.

Here’s to September, and believing that every time reality knocks me down, life will always have reasons to bring me back up. 🙂 x


A little song that I wrote to go with my short story: Reality.


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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