i found my place, i found my people.

Albert Ng (glaringnotebook.com) successfully captured my bitchy rest face. And Tim supporting me on my first Thursday show at Laundry.


right. it’s almost the end of the month and i’m finally getting the hang of working at Laundry. i’m still trying to get used to mixing and maximizing the system, but overall, i’m gathering a list of lids that i know i will face every week and hopefully overcoming it every single time. two of them are working on channel lists which requires a tech rider, and doing soundchecks on the day of the gig. i made a different post on that before this one, so do check it out. i worded my thoughts at 1am, so excuse the temporary exasperation. temporary.

now, i’m a people person. i love to love. i like to have a good conversation just about anything and build relationships. but, like any other introverts out there, i’m content with the same few people that i get to see as much as i can, especially when the same few loves you back just as much. i haven’t been able to spend as much time with both my friends and family this month, which resulted in me feeling quite down, and i didn’t really know why until last night. i need to love these people back as much as they’ve supported me!! *cries*

my second home:

the stage on thursday(s).
my sound booth. always a mess


my new work life:


people, food, and just life in general.


this month flew by so fast. i’ve been challenged, forced to learn (in a good way), and at the same time going through a self-rediscovery. it’s like i know myself so well and yet at the same time i’m doubting it. i’ve been mostly doubting it. it happens. i just need to find a way to come back up and start kicking asses again. heck yeaa

here’s to whatever that is in store for august. i just got the lineup of events. looking good so far!


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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