new phase, (hopefully) new faces (soon).

tomorrow i start a new job. i am going to discover new talents, listen to good music (most of the time), and build more relationships. what is life.

last day of june and i’m at home just chilling. come to think of it, i feel like every time before a major phase in my life transitions, i chill for about a month. i chilled for a whole month before college started, i chilled for a whole month before my freelance work start, and i’ve been chilling more than working this past month too.

i am blown away by the amount of support my parents and my friends have given me. can’t miss out the blessings and provisions that God has given me too. because of this, at times i feel like i’m unworthy or have not live up to a good level of expectation, but the only person that has high expectations of me is myself. finally hanging out with the big boys and i’m honestly scared (and excited). hahah

not gonna lie, i am a little sad that i won’t be hanging around at the bee as much anymore. max said to me the other day, that whatever job after the bee will never amount to what i have experienced for two reasons; (1) it’s my first actual job, and (2) the people there have a way of making me feel like i’m at my second home. i’m not afraid to say that i’m attached to that place. haha 😥

i don’t have a lot of food adventures this month. i tried to do a surprise laksa party for eugene but someone spilled the beans. haish. on the other hand, i’m rekindling my love for coffee, and elisha tagged me in a picture of sundrop orange juice on instagram. 😦


my friend derrick from mukah is now residing in KD studying film and tv, max & mokhtar are champions at faces, elena & melanie are continuing their adventures in KL, and heck i’m gonna miss working with mokhtar, no doubt.


i also did two birthday parties back to back on june 14, 2014. one for a 7-year old, the other for an 80-year old.



here’s to july, more music, more friendship being made.

below are my latest originals! i figured while i have some ideas that i can sing about, i might as well do it now before i marry my work (again).



Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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