full to the brim with love

the easiest way to track your days, weeks, months and years is to go through your social media. especially when you haven’t been counting the days.

my way of living now is slightly different from the way it was a year ago. i had big plans, big dreams….i wanted to travel the world and see the world and experience it. i was…..sort of living in the dream, and not actually living it. now, don’t get me wrong, i didn’t lose all of it. some yes, due to unforeseen circumstances, but i’m making my way around them to get to some place better. 🙂

the difference between me now and me then is, focus. focus, on what is now and not missing out on how life is coming at me. focus, on trying to be a better me instead of worrying about what i need to be in the near future. focus, on the people around me that loves and support me for who i am, instead of the people who i need to surround myself with when i’m like successful and stuff.

heck i don’t even know what “successful” means anymore. well-known? owning a collection of credible work? an accumulation of wealth? my CV???

anyways, i’m not here to talk about that. i wanna look back on the awesome month of April!! complete opposite of March. here’s part one of my instagram pictures, featuring my favourite faces (besides my own of course lol)!!!!

of course, what is instagram without the amount of food pictures, right? RIGHT?

and then Ainul and i did a little photoshoot for Cliff’s studio production project. these pictures are taken directly off Ainul’s facebook.

and then i put together a few ideas. i love how all of them turned out pretty uuhhh hipster? indie? i don’t know…definitely not mainstream lol.

and then i got to watch Gabriel Lynch and Froya performing live at The Bee!!

Gabriel Lynch and band!
Gabriel Lynch and band!

i love how within the span of one year he still remembers me from the workshop he and az samad did at ICOM several months back. amazing!

at elena's birthday lunch. we're fabulous people! picture by elena.
at elena’s birthday lunch. we’re fabulous people! picture by elena.
one of me and elena's open mic session. picture by elena.
one of me and elena’s open mic session. picture by elena.
my solo open mic session. picture by cassandra mary.
my solo open mic session. picture by cassandra mary.

i sang that smirk one time. live.

Let Her Go with Elena Chavez.

Make A Fool of Me with Elena Chavez

i love singing, writing, producing and creating. but i also love people, and how they can make quite a difference in your life depending on how you choose to treat and act around them. respect given is respect earned, yes, but to be loved you are also required to love (first, if i may add). i have a handful of incredible family and friends that i can run to for help or a shoulder to cry on or even just for a laugh over dinner, and i would not trade them for anything else in the world.

money spent on happy experiences is worth more than money spent on materialistic items. 😉

i love April; the companionships, being able to perform again, and watching my originals come to life.

speaking of which, i’m gonna end the blog with two videos……………………… 😀



Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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