what is up with March?

everyone has their own sides of misfortune. i’m going to talk about mine and my little thoughts of what everyone else is going through.

let’s start with mine so i could put it behind me. let’s see…… i hit someone’s car, i’ve been told that my assistance at the bee was not needed, and my phone bill was RM80 more than my credit limit for the first time since i used postpaid.

now, looking at the top 3 of the most frustrating times in a month, i realized that the biggest reason i felt like i lost all the ability to be in charge of my situations is because i wasn’t able to make enough money for myself and the fact that i had to spend more than i’d usually need. at this age, the last thing that i would wanna do is to borrow money from my parents and relying on them when i’m almost adult. but hey, money does make the world go round. #revelations

i was upset for two weeks straight, which resulted in me bumping a Mazda’s butt one fine morning. and then after inviting all of my friends to come and enjoy good music while i was working, i was told not to come and my assistance for the rest of the month is on hold. three days after that, my number was barred and i had barely enough for the next day’s travel as my cheque from Havoc was not cleared yet.

because of that, i’ve decided to channel all my anger towards music. we’ve been recording guitars, drums and vocals these past three weeks for cliff’s project (*cough* i’m his artist). i performed at both the bee’s feedback open mic. i went for Eugene’s showcase out of pure moral support (also because he said that i must come no matter what! aww such a human thing to say XD). i also played in two different bands two Sundays in a row as a keyboardist (it has been awhile). an added bonus, i got to know a lot of new friends, two of which are Elena & Melanie from the States!!

a phone recording of my performance on the 11th:

me and Elena performing Black Horse and The Cherry Tree

never used Logic as a live sequencer before. it was very exciting.
this was during soundcheck for EYO’s showcase.
lunched with Sarah, Melanie, Hannah & Elena!
recording vocals with Eugene. BEST PRODUCER EVER.
side note, i wanna make it a point to go to Fatboy’s at least once a month. it is now officially my guilty pleasure :3

i liked this month. even though a lot of things weren’t going my way, i realized that sometimes i can’t just go with what i had planned. it’s hard because running around on a schedule keeps you organized and on-track so you don’t lose sight of things (i’m a very forgetful person). for example, not going to the bee made me lose my work momentum and now i’m in between working on my music and working as a crew/sound engineer, which can be hard to keep up with!

my crazy weekend was back when i had to go for a last minute VO recording at Canang Studio (thanks Emily!!) on Friday with a meeting beforehand, practice+training+practice+setup+FOH on Saturday, and REC+SundayService+setup on Sunday just last week. i loved it. but, meals & travel needs to be properly planned from now on since i’m always on the go. so, back to my planner!!

those are my stories. one of the biggest news that hit Malaysia earlier this month was the missing flight MH370. i can’t imagine having my family and/or friends on the same flight and not knowing if they were gonna make it alive or not. our PM said that the plane is confirmed lost in the Southern Indian Ocean, with no physical evidence that it has crashed into it. only a few more days left till the black box stops recording, they say. closure is what we all need, really.

well, whatever it is, this month, i have learned not to let the little things get to me. even if the situation is bigger than what i could handle, i’ll have to learn to work around it and learn from the experience. love comes from a lot of giving and receiving, and not just giving.

went to Seoul Garden for lunch and watched Captain America with mah BU3 kids, celebrating Yueh Qi’s birthday and then was gifted with a book about MJ!
finally got myself some Christmas lights!! dunno what to do with them yet so i’ve decided to just put them in the jar for now. xD

happy April Fools Day, folks. may the odds be ever in your favour. x


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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