random, planned every day-life

contradicting, but the life is beautiful. also, mr v thought he’d no longer need to nag me on to-do lists but JOKE’S ON HIM. ha 😦

hahahah. left the house 6:50am, back 2:10am the next day. some life i got myself into. i / God, however some of you readers agree to put it. almost every day i’m “being booked” since january to a point that i needed a planner to help my days/weeks sorted out better. believe it or not, before this i could not even stick to the same note-book for longer than a month, what more a planner! even mr v gave up on my and my note-taking disabilities. -_- but now i cannot live without my planner, that it’s ridiculous!!

sticky notes, because i tend to write more than the space given, even for a daily planner.

once i get my planner into a better working system, i will blog about it, okay? seriously this time; this is one hellava discovery!! hahah

anyways, being the social networking addict that i am, i tend to post (mostly) pictures on instagram to capture the current moments of the time that i was in. i do tweet, but usually of my thoughts and most of the time i can’t even remember what i was talking about (sometimes i don’t make sense). anywho, quick updates on February so far, from my instagram posts!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSJUUVtMjrQ this video made me crave so badly -.-
went to my favourite place for fish curry every few breakfasts when i make a trip down to ICOM. @ Jalan Ipoh
got featured/interviewed by Faces of KL but….i can’t even understand the caption.
5-people portion fried rice, dinner before cliff’s drum recording, WITH DA BOYZ.
my favourite go-to breakfast: blended juice and toasts. lasts me till lunch, surprisingly!
salmon salad from Ikea. it’s okay.
rekindled my love for bastille. ❤
tossed some yee sang with the ICOM faculty woo! (second yee sang in my life dey)
fell in love with The Local, Jaya One. food’s a tad bit pricey but it’s pretty nice place for you to do work especially when it involves the internet hehe (yes they have WiFi)
of course, you can’t miss Feedback @ The Bee, Jaya One.
the band that was playing The Bee, Publika awhile ago – Dotters Division
Amanda Leong in action for Dotters Division’s second set from awhile ago!

i actually have to be up at 6.30am to be at PJEFC at 7.30am but i’m a little too nocturnal for the day life. i might just catch up my sleep before going for Raise the Bar later. we shall see! now feeling so blessed beyond imagination!!!!


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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