making a passport: sarawak-born edition

because most of the advises that i could find was generally for first timers & renewing passports but none for the east-malaysian procedure. also, i suck at properly doing my research.

so last week i went to the (subang jaya branch, so to speak) immigration office at plaza glomac to make a passport. everywhere i read said that we’d have to be there as early as possible. i got there around 9.15am. still okay la. but i should’ve taken a picture because there was a line even outside the immigration waiting to get their numbers. in my head i was like……crap. lol

but anyways i had other things to worry about…like passport-size photos and a copy of my IC.

several blogs did mention about shops that offer photocopy and passport photo (with white background) services so i wasn’t too worried. i went to Jia Jia, the nearest shop from the carpark to get my photos done. RM10 for 6 copies. after that i went to Naz’s to photocopy my IC, front and back for RM0.40.

Jia Jia, RM10 for 6 pieces of passport-size photos
just follow the arrow.
again, just follow the arrow.
again, just follow the arrow.

note that these shops offer the application forms to be filled out before getting our numbers to speed up the process.

i filled up my form and went in to get my number. the counter is on the left as i entered the office. i showed them my form, photos and photocopied IC and they gave me my number!

bitchy rest-face next to my somewhat-smiling IC face. :D
my number stapled to my form, with my photos and a copy of my IC.

i haven’t had breakfast yet so i went to the “kopitiam” next door for a quick nasi lemak and teh ais. bloody hell they are so pricey :'(. taking advantage of hungry people huh lol

RM2.20 for Teh C RM1.50 for a bottle of water RM3.50 for Nasi Lemak
RM2.20 for Teh C
RM1.50 for a bottle of water
RM3.50 for Nasi Lemak
it's okay.
it’s okay.

anyways, i came back to 1087. it didn’t take too long before it reached 1150; surprise, surprise! there were lots of numbers that were called but left not responded so they kept skipping to the next number. after 30 minutes of waiting, counter 9 called out 1150! ……until the officer told me that sarawak-born applicants need to get a different number (beginning with “4”), fill a different form and go to the office upstairs at the first floor………

ok. not a big deal. get a new number, fill out a new form and photocopy one more copy of my IC and 2 copies of my birth cert. fun fact: the number was not needed as there were no one there beside me -_- 

first floor.
first floor.

further explanations can be read under point number 12 on new applications. (extra note for Sabah/Sarawak) [x]

after i gave everything to the officer, she glued my photos to the respective sections, cross-checked my details with my birth cert & IC, got my thumb print and handed me a card to collect my passport 5 days from the day of application. she said to make payment when it is ready. to be really honest, i don’t remember filling out any details mentioning how long i want my passport to last ._.

my new number + form.
my new number + form.

after a week and a day, i went straight to the first floor to (hopefully) get my new passport. of course only after that that i realized i haven’t told them if i wanted my passport to be 2 or 5 years lol. after i handed her some kind of card that she handed to me a week ago (to say that i’ve sent in my application), the officer confirmed my thumb print, and then i told her i wanted 2 years, and boom she told me to go down to counter 3 to make payment.

when i went down, i was supposed to wait until my name was called. counter 3 called out my name, i paid rm100 and then she gave me a receipt with a “chop” that says “to be collected after two hours.” i had errands to run and chores to do so i didn’t wait. i went straight to the autopay and guess who did i run into?!!!! MAH BAYBEH ATHINA NASHRAH. hahahah. she went to get her passport as well; waited two hours in the car sleeping.

anyways, i’d probably collect it some time next week. i’m just lazy to drive these days. been driving around a lot to work and going for countless meal appointments that i’d rather just stay home. -_- however, you can ready CopyKate‘s experience on getting her passport renewal done. i’m sure collecting her newly-made passport is the exactly the same if not similar to when i’m getting mine. heh

….extra bits!:

  • i could’ve saved one hour from all the waiting so if you’re a sarawak or sabah-born applicant, ask for a form for east-malaysian applicants (it’s A4-sized) and a “special” queuing number. go straight to the first floor after filling out your form.
  • there is a photobooth & a photocopy services inside the (ground floor) immigration office if you’re not as kiasu as me for a first timer. RM10 for 4 copies of your photo, RM0.20 for front copy/one side, RM0.40 for front & back copy.
  • bring your own pen. there are tables provided by the window but no pen. SO BRING YOUR OWN PEN.
  • parking is RM1.50 for the first hour, RM1.50 subsequent hour, but you will only need to pay a maximum of RM4.00. I paid RM3.20 from 9.15am-11am.
  • after a week, go straight to the first floor and hand them your IC. don’t bother taking numbers because there’s no point lol.
the photo booth in the immigration office.
the photo booth in the immigration office.

that is all for this adventure! lololol


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