making a passport: sarawak-born edition

because most of the advises that i could find was generally for first timers & renewing passports but none for the east-malaysian procedure. also, i suck at properly doing my research.

so last week i went to the (subang jaya branch, so to speak) immigration office at plaza glomac to make a passport. everywhere i read said that we’d have to be there as early as possible. i got there around 9.15am. still okay la. but i should’ve taken a picture because there was a line even outside the immigration waiting to get their numbers. in my head i was like……crap. lol

but anyways i had other things to worry about…like passport-size photos and a copy of my IC.

several blogs did mention about shops that offer photocopy and passport photo (with white background) services so i wasn’t too worried. i went to Jia Jia, the nearest shop from the carpark to get my photos done. RM10 for 6 copies. after that i went to Naz’s to photocopy my IC, front and back for RM0.40.

Jia Jia, RM10 for 6 pieces of passport-size photos
just follow the arrow.
again, just follow the arrow.
again, just follow the arrow.

note that these shops offer the application forms to be filled out before getting our numbers to speed up the process.

i filled up my form and went in to get my number. the counter is on the left as i entered the office. i showed them my form, photos and photocopied IC and they gave me my number!

bitchy rest-face next to my somewhat-smiling IC face. :D
my number stapled to my form, with my photos and a copy of my IC.

i haven’t had breakfast yet so i went to the “kopitiam” next door for a quick nasi lemak and teh ais. bloody hell they are so pricey :'(. taking advantage of hungry people huh lol

RM2.20 for Teh C RM1.50 for a bottle of water RM3.50 for Nasi Lemak
RM2.20 for Teh C
RM1.50 for a bottle of water
RM3.50 for Nasi Lemak
it's okay.
it’s okay.

anyways, i came back to 1087. it didn’t take too long before it reached 1150; surprise, surprise! there were lots of numbers that were called but left not responded so they kept skipping to the next number. after 30 minutes of waiting, counter 9 called out 1150! ……until the officer told me that sarawak-born applicants need to get a different number (beginning with “4”), fill a different form and go to the office upstairs at the first floor………

ok. not a big deal. get a new number, fill out a new form and photocopy one more copy of my IC and 2 copies of my birth cert. fun fact: the number was not needed as there were no one there beside me -_- 

first floor.
first floor.

further explanations can be read under point number 12 on new applications. (extra note for Sabah/Sarawak) [x]

after i gave everything to the officer, she glued my photos to the respective sections, cross-checked my details with my birth cert & IC, got my thumb print and handed me a card to collect my passport 5 days from the day of application. she said to make payment when it is ready. to be really honest, i don’t remember filling out any details mentioning how long i want my passport to last ._.

my new number + form.
my new number + form.

after a week and a day, i went straight to the first floor to (hopefully) get my new passport. of course only after that that i realized i haven’t told them if i wanted my passport to be 2 or 5 years lol. after i handed her some kind of card that she handed to me a week ago (to say that i’ve sent in my application), the officer confirmed my thumb print, and then i told her i wanted 2 years, and boom she told me to go down to counter 3 to make payment.

when i went down, i was supposed to wait until my name was called. counter 3 called out my name, i paid rm100 and then she gave me a receipt with a “chop” that says “to be collected after two hours.” i had errands to run and chores to do so i didn’t wait. i went straight to the autopay and guess who did i run into?!!!! MAH BAYBEH ATHINA NASHRAH. hahahah. she went to get her passport as well; waited two hours in the car sleeping.

anyways, i’d probably collect it some time next week. i’m just lazy to drive these days. been driving around a lot to work and going for countless meal appointments that i’d rather just stay home. -_- however, you can ready CopyKate‘s experience on getting her passport renewal done. i’m sure collecting her newly-made passport is the exactly the same if not similar to when i’m getting mine. heh

….extra bits!:

  • i could’ve saved one hour from all the waiting so if you’re a sarawak or sabah-born applicant, ask for a form for east-malaysian applicants (it’s A4-sized) and a “special” queuing number. go straight to the first floor after filling out your form.
  • there is a photobooth & a photocopy services inside the (ground floor) immigration office if you’re not as kiasu as me for a first timer. RM10 for 4 copies of your photo, RM0.20 for front copy/one side, RM0.40 for front & back copy.
  • bring your own pen. there are tables provided by the window but no pen. SO BRING YOUR OWN PEN.
  • parking is RM1.50 for the first hour, RM1.50 subsequent hour, but you will only need to pay a maximum of RM4.00. I paid RM3.20 from 9.15am-11am.
  • after a week, go straight to the first floor and hand them your IC. don’t bother taking numbers because there’s no point lol.
the photo booth in the immigration office.
the photo booth in the immigration office.

that is all for this adventure! lololol


one-weekend kuching trip

went on saturday, back on sunday.

so i was approached by my KL pastor some time towards the end of 2012 on the Kuching’s church new sound system. they were renovating the place and she thought maybe i could advise them or hold a workshop to give them a little more insight and such. i did fly to kuching for a church camp  right after my finals but never got around to checking out the new system.

i carried the “workshop” idea for more than a year until i was approached by my kuching pastor. we met during the “impacting the marketplace” convention and quickly decided that i should fly down to kuching the next weekend. i spent the next one week preparing slides, studying the fundamentals and refreshing my knowledge….until i had a bad feeling.

i don’t know how else to describe it. it wasn’t like i was nervous or anything. the people who i was going to meet were, after all my “family”; people who i grew up with until i moved to KL. but for some reason, every part of me just felt like, i should scrap the enter powerpoint presentation and just go with the flow, ask them for a list of problems and then work either around or fix them. i got the idea from Law of the Lid – first chapter of John Maxwell‘s book “The 21 Most Irrefutable Law of Leadership”.

the basic idea is that, i could teach them everything and anything that they can learn about live sound reinforcement, but 90% of the given knowledge probably gets thrown out the window before they even begin to digest. i figured, that they only need to solve their current problems and work around with whatever they have at the moment.

anyways, i landed KIA around noon time, so naturally my pastor brought me to their favourite laksa place for lunch! (but it was closed, so we went to the one behind it lol.) after lunch, they brought me back to their place to freshen up and get ready for the “workshop”.

only after we arrived at the church i told my pastor that i was going to scrap the “workshop” idea and requested for a white board and a marker instead. i did however create a google doc for when anyone was interested to learn more than the system that they have at the moment.

scribble, scribble, scribble
scribble, scribble, scribble

musicians’ problems:

  • don’t know how loud is loud.
  • can’t hear themselves, others & worship leader.
  • can’t hear the congregation.

sound engineers’ problems:

  • sound is different inside & outside the room.
  • don’t know how to EQ, balance & panning.

my “problems”:

  • room reverberation to me is quite high for an environment that plays reasonably loud music. RT60 is about 1s.
  • they have 2 pairs of speakers on stage, stacked on top of each other on each side. The bigger one is (obviously) at the bottom but it’s only because they were too heavy for the mounted “holders” by the wall, from the smaller speakers. they are also looped, because they bigger speakers only use speakons and their speakon cables aren’t long enough. so they loop the bigger speaker from the smaller speaker while receiving signals through a TRS cable.
  • the board is in a secluded room, with only an opened window for reference.
  • drum is in the corner.
i requested the band to play.
i requested the band to play and get themselves warmed up. speakers left are behind the guitarist, speakers right are behind the keyboardist.

solving/working around all our problems combined:

  • don’t know how loud is loud: i introduced the SPL meter to the engineers. get them started with at least 85dBSPL in an empty hall, slowly going up to 90-95dBSPL. for a small hall, i advised not to go over 100dBSPL especially when the congregation fills up the space. as for the musicians, they’re all going DO from their amps & keyboard, so i advised to have their volume around 30-50%.
  • can’t hear the people on stage: this was actually “solved” by Uncle Jeffrey, the bassist himself, as he turned the top speakers towards the musicians. i suggested getting started on a monitoring system once they bought speaker stands and longer speakon cables. at the moment this kinda worked.
    • side note: the guitarists were playing the same chords & strumming pattern throughout the songs. i gave suggestions to the electric guitarist to play a different register or chords inversion or some lines with a different patch besides the clean tone. instant contrast!
    • another side note: the keyboardist was playing at a lower register, clashing with the bass and was drowned in the mix. i suggested to play an octave higher. the pastors couldn’t stop praising the keyboardist for playing so beautifully with the band. hohoho
    • another another side note: never blame everything on the engineer 😉
  • can’t hear the congregation: this varies from week to week so everyone kinda understand that they’ll just have to pay a little more attention to the congregation while worship leading.
    • side note: the mix will sound slightly dull once the hall is filled so naturally, i asked them to boost 2k and above on the master graphic EQ the next morning.
  • sound is different inside and outside the room: we tried keeping the board in the room since the church consists of many kids and leaving the board outside means risky business. but when i got every engineer to try to EQ the vocalists, it got a bit too much of a hassle walking in and out of the room to get more precise adjustments so we just took the board out and get it over with. -_- hahahahahah
  • don’t know how to manipulate & balance the sound: everyone got a chance to soundcheck the band (you can imagine the musicians going AGAIN?! after each engineer is done hahahahaha) and had a rough idea on how to EQ. i made some notes on what each EQ band does so they could understand better. i also suggested making a list of ALL the vocalists and instruments’ EQ settings and have it laminated and pasted on the wall/table (THIS IS SO MR VINAY). i also got them to pan the instruments and vocalists just so they could grasp the idea of separation and being able to hear them individually.
  • RT60: we did play around with the internal effects but i just thought it was unnecessary when the band is playing. if it was only just a vocalist and accompaniment, then a bit of delay is nice.
  • drums in the corner: the drummer that week was quite controlled. the stage was loud but it wasn’t heartbeat-thumping loud so i just gave the engineers the mandate to tell the drummer to keep it down if he/she was overpowering the stage. also, i suggested installing some kind of “high absorption coefficient” curtains behind the drums but only after a proper consultation with a proper engineer lol.
that is the secluded room. we brought the board out eheheh
that is the secluded room. we brought the board out eheheh
i love labelling mah boardz :D
i love labelling mah boardz 😀
SE for that week: HALLESBY! and more labels on the cables lol
SE for that week: HALLESBY! and more labels on the cables lol
things are probably going to stay static from this point on so i just coiled the cables like that.
things are probably going to stay static from this point on so i just coiled the cables like that.
mixer by the corner.
mixer by the corner.

overall, the pastors were very happy with the changes that i was bringing in. i personally hope for a more “production-like” system taken into consideration; where the engineers will be there the earliest and the last to leave, taking time to soundcheck, and getting the band to play for a full rundown after all the songs are learned. but all in all, i just hope everyone learned a bit of something and carry on, teaching those who couldn’t make it that day. 😀

anyways, i got really exhausted from all the explaining and walking around PLUS HUNGRY after everything. we ended around 6.30pm and went straight to dinner at some air-conditioned kopitiam lol fancyyyyyy hahahah.

HOSTS. my pastor and ze beautiful family :D
HOSTS. my pastor and ze beautiful family 😀
yummy papayas after dinner :D
yummy papayas after dinner 😀

i crashed pretty early after shower. usually i’d fall asleep around midnight but after replying some emails i fell asleep around 9. z.z

i started the day with mee kolo (ehehehe) and then went straight to church. after that, i met up with Emily and we went to have lunch at Sugarbun!! i had le fish burger omnomnomnom. we had a lot of time to kill so for desert she took me to Sunny Hill and i had a banana split. ice cream of the day was chocolate and vanilla :3

usual Sunday congregation
usual Sunday congregation
she told me not to post on Facebook :P
she told me not to post on Facebook 😛

after ice cream, she drove me around the city to sightsee for about 45 minutes before dropping me off at the airport just before 2.30pm.

overall i enjoyed this trip a lot. not only did it challenge me to some extend, i learned a lot and had tonnes of fun!! PLUS, I WAS FLYING ON MY OWN FOR THE FIRST TIME. i just love travelling. i wanna travel again. :DD

music played while blogging:
Muse – 2nd Law (full album) [x]

three weeks into new year

i’ve been wanting to blog for a while now because things have happening day after day after day and being the lazy blogger that i am, i thought i’d just wait until things have happened than to write about them excitedly. ha

i literally started off the year attending a convention organized by my church on impacting the marketplace. i’ve never had so much fun attending a convention as much as this because it was something that i could really relate to! i love serving in church, and sometimes i feel like it can be a burden when i cannot at least attend the sunday services due to work outside. i have submitted myself to a life full of craziness of little sleep, messed up schedules, working with all kinds of people and indulging in the worst diet possible way – whatever you can find whenever however.

i mean, i have no complaints whatsoever because i love that i’m given the opportunity to be able to do something that i love! often people come up to me asking me if i wanted to continue studying to get at least a diploma, or settle down to a proper job (because it’s not suitable for a girl to travel back late at night)…. and of course i do! if i could do everything all at once, i wouldn’t mind at all! but what if deep down you know that now, right here is the right time and place for you to be at? how could you say no to that by reasoning with me saying “ah but that’s what they all say until they’ve regretted 10 years later wishing they could go back studying while they were younger.”

easily, if anyone knew me at all, i’ve always thought that i’ve been catching up really slowly and whatever age that i’m in now, i wish i could have all of my knowledge now at least 2 years ago.


anyways, the convention gave me one particular insight (of all the things that i learned) – which is to never forget where you come from, your foundations in life and who you really are among the people you work for and with. doesn’t matter what you do or where you are, when you’re done, leave with an impression that you were one of the best people they’ve hired, or even better, one of the greatest addition to the “family”. there is no greater reward than that. and i think that, that is very important!

aaaaaannnnnddddd (of course) i’ve been going back to ICOM about 3 times now, there are a list of things that i find funny and touching at the same time every time i’m there. like when:

  • everyone (the students) who saw me for the first time and gave me the warmest hug ever! ❤
  • ex-colleagues asking how and what i’ve been doing, adding the fact that i have “the glow” ever since i left! HAHAHAHHAA
  • Eugene Yeo tells me that for the first week he’s back in ICOM, when he stops at the second floor, the first automatic thing he’d do is to make a left turn towards my (former) office and peek through the window, wondering what i’m up to. (aww)
  • Mr Frank asks for a favour to reset his IP address and Entourage. (i need to pass on my magic because i’m the only one that can make things work on his computer somehow LOL!)
  • Vivian asks for the third floor forms. (only during the first week because i forgot to print out a few before i left ._.)
  • Brian uses some of my rule of thumb for the Media team (OMG I’M SO PROUD)
if you wanna be in the media team, you gotta know these rules!
if you wanna be in the media team, you gotta know these rules!
seriously the cutest thing ever. i have chosen the perfect successor LOL
seriously the cutest thing ever. i have chosen the perfect successor LOL

btw, i DON’T beat people up….in case you’re wondering! xD

i’ve been lucky enough to be paired up with different people for different projects within the course of (exactly) one month since i resigned from ICOM. half the times the magic words are “i have resigned from ICOM and currently unemployed”. other times, it’s the people that you’ve met in the past that hook you up with their contacts. the latter is what makes me feel so, so, so very blessed!

extra bits and pieces, in no particular order:

  • being at home means doing most of the chores…AND COOKING!! ❤ ❤ ❤ making magic in the kitchen :’D
  • working on 3 covers that i hope to finish by the end of this month. (i’m just too critical with myself)
  • i am doing some of the bee’s events, assisting mokhtar of iseekmusic studios.
  • i’m currently in love with making green juices!! so far i’ve incorporated spinach and celery with my apples & berries.
  • celebrated bal’s birthday on new year’s eve, making 3 different types of salads to go along with the BBQ stuff.
  • mah friend cliff is using my songs for his commercial studio production project, of which i’m really excited about!!
  • i flew to Kuching and back on my own for the first time and it was exciting!!
  • apparently i turn to arts and craft whenever i’m pissed about something. i made a makeup organizer out of cereal boxes and magazine pages in 3 hours! O.o
  • KATE MCGILL’S ALBUM FINALLY ARRIVED. LIKE. AFTER THREE MONTHS. i thought i was never gonna get it so i bought another one. ._.
  • i’ve recently been obsessed with salmon sushis. like, i could just eat 20 of that and not feel guilty at all. ._.
  • everything that i do now reflects the way mr v was training me up while in college. i’ve been using the term “micromanaging” a lot in my head just to continue reminding myself that no matter how much i love lending an extra pair of hands, i should know my boundaries. of course, at the same time, making sure other people don’t end up creeping into my work due to my laziness. i also wrote an email of a friendly advise on how to produce a show, and the most logical way of doing anything at all is by planning out backwards. mr v used to say “think backwards” back when i was trying to do my assignments and projects. oh how much i’ve missed his insights on life. that is exactly how you impact the marketplace, folks.


last night at Raise The Bar. i wasn’t really diggin’ it. I’M TOO SHORT TO EVEN SEE THE STAGE
the day i flew to Kuching, otw to the airport. CAN’T YOU SEE HOW EXCITED I WAS?!
the side dishes from Bal’s party.
i know girls especially would only rave about shorter haircuts after awhile but i’m seriously loving the change!! although my bangs are slowly getting longer lol
my new makeup organizer.
my new makeup organizer.
my old makeup organizer.

that’s it for jan’s post! i’m gonna blog about my Kuching trip soon because  i learned a lot while i was there and i really wanna remember them! 😀