sushi, carrie, mamak.

once upon a time there was a boy named bal and every time he ajaks mell to lepak, mell’d say she’s busy (even though she’s not – she’s just lazy and would rather stay home and sleep). except today; as long as they’re willing to wait for her for lunch at 4pm.

the plan was to have lunch at sushi king. i didn’t have the cash yet around the time when he suggested, so we pushed it to today. aaaaaannnnnnnddddd  i wanted to watch thor again after having to enjoy it the first time i watched with my family. i had work till 4 so i met up with the boys after that.

so like, dude. someone needs to remind me to have lunch before work because i never do and i had to wait 3 hours until work was over. i started stuffing down the sushis off the belt before my food even arrived. even when it did arrive, i was still hungry and wanting more after i finished everything. i could easily spend up to rm50 if i didn’t mind stuffing myself up (and regret it later -_-). aha

jason, deepak, bal. and FOOD. GLORIOUS FOOD.

of course by that time we kinda found out that we’d missed thor since it was screening at 4:10pm (BIG POO) so we were deciding between carrie & ender’s game. we didn’t go with ender’s game because we were too lazy to wait for it at 8:45pm. ender’s game was second to thor if i had the chance, but carrie wasn’t that bad. never watched the trailer till 5 minutes before the movie and i still didn’t know what i had gotten myself into LOL.

not as gory as i had thought it would be, but still not for the faint-hearted.

i don’t have a specific curfew set but i have to be home whenever my parents would start to ask me what time i’ll be back. so we decided to go to the nearest mamak shop and…lepak. lol. i left around 10.30pm.

if i could list out the things that we talked about and/or do, it’ll take forever. wayyyyy too many things went on. prank calls, catching up on latest news, talking about past events…you know the drill. just random serious/stupid topics one after another lol. it’s those group of friends that will always make you laugh no matter how long you haven’t seen each other.

i, personally think that you’d start to remember & appreciate life more when you’re 16/17 because that’s when you realize that once you finished SPM, you’ll have to properly grow up and take up responsibilities, like choosing what major you’ll be taking for your degree. of course, before all of that happened, you spend the best years in school making stupid decisions and regret them immediately but laugh about them 3 years later.

after tonight, the boys had planned to meet up at least once a month just like tonight. why not, right? when you work 7 days a week, you might as well put some time aside just for good food, good movie and good laugh in one evening (i’m talking about myself, not them ha). it’s does wonders for the soul. B)


wished i could’ve stayed longer. haz da work in the morn!


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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