sushi, carrie, mamak.

once upon a time there was a boy named bal and every time he ajaks mell to lepak, mell’d say she’s busy (even though she’s not – she’s just lazy and would rather stay home and sleep). except today; as long as they’re willing to wait for her for lunch at 4pm.

the plan was to have lunch at sushi king. i didn’t have the cash yet around the time when he suggested, so we pushed it to today. aaaaaannnnnnnddddd  i wanted to watch thor again after having to enjoy it the first time i watched with my family. i had work till 4 so i met up with the boys after that.

so like, dude. someone needs to remind me to have lunch before work because i never do and i had to wait 3 hours until work was over. i started stuffing down the sushis off the belt before my food even arrived. even when it did arrive, i was still hungry and wanting more after i finished everything. i could easily spend up to rm50 if i didn’t mind stuffing myself up (and regret it later -_-). aha

jason, deepak, bal. and FOOD. GLORIOUS FOOD.

of course by that time we kinda found out that we’d missed thor since it was screening at 4:10pm (BIG POO) so we were deciding between carrie & ender’s game. we didn’t go with ender’s game because we were too lazy to wait for it at 8:45pm. ender’s game was second to thor if i had the chance, but carrie wasn’t that bad. never watched the trailer till 5 minutes before the movie and i still didn’t know what i had gotten myself into LOL.

not as gory as i had thought it would be, but still not for the faint-hearted.

i don’t have a specific curfew set but i have to be home whenever my parents would start to ask me what time i’ll be back. so we decided to go to the nearest mamak shop and…lepak. lol. i left around 10.30pm.

if i could list out the things that we talked about and/or do, it’ll take forever. wayyyyy too many things went on. prank calls, catching up on latest news, talking about past events…you know the drill. just random serious/stupid topics one after another lol. it’s those group of friends that will always make you laugh no matter how long you haven’t seen each other.

i, personally think that you’d start to remember & appreciate life more when you’re 16/17 because that’s when you realize that once you finished SPM, you’ll have to properly grow up and take up responsibilities, like choosing what major you’ll be taking for your degree. of course, before all of that happened, you spend the best years in school making stupid decisions and regret them immediately but laugh about them 3 years later.

after tonight, the boys had planned to meet up at least once a month just like tonight. why not, right? when you work 7 days a week, you might as well put some time aside just for good food, good movie and good laugh in one evening (i’m talking about myself, not them ha). it’s does wonders for the soul. B)


wished i could’ve stayed longer. haz da work in the morn!


carpe diem. on life and opportunities

ok la. i’m sorry la i never update this blog even though i’ve tried many, many times. what to do, you work like crazy for 2 weeks just for one event and the final exams, go back to homeland for a good long weekend, come back working like crazy again…i’m not complaining. i simply don’t have the heart to sit down and compose a blog (but i’m working on a song now though *cough*).

3 matters; final friday performance, sarawak & ning baizura.

i think when it comes to production, working on one just makes me fall in love more and more with the idea of producing. you put so much energy, thinking of little details, rehearse rehearse rehearse until all cues are in order, coming up with cue sheets and a master schedule….all for one event that would only take place perhaps no longer than an hour and a half…. doesn’t that sound exciting???????? no? just me? ok.

that’s exactly what final friday performance was all about.

as always, being the system support, my job is to supervise all current activities. but then i also have this special role in the heart of icom……’s everything to do with media. i was a videographer in my first semester for the tribute to Paul Simon, chief videographer in the following 2 tributes, learned a few tips and tricks in video editing, slowly seeing things at different angles (almost literally) until finally i was in charged almost completely of all media-related matter. almost, because the final say is not mine but mr v’s. 😀

i came up with the idea that we should project the live performance on the screen since it’s there anyway to project some funny interview videos. and then mr v wanted to surprise the crew with an appreciation video, which led me to the idea of a trailer video, to be played before FP starts.  i also thought playing the feeds from tribute to classic rock before FP officially starts would be an awesome idea. 😛

what did i do for FFP? edited 12 videos in 4 days, came up with a show flow/emcee script with help from kimbo’s show flow idea, directed some performers on how to interact with the camera, teach mark ree on how to use the projector screen as his viewfinder… besides being the system support. for 2 nights in a row, it felt like we were preparing for tribute. a bit of nostalgic feeling happened there…

[links of most of the videos & show flow are up on my CV page!]

aaaaaaannnnnnnndddddd of course after all of that i just had to be away, missing the chance to yell and nag at my crew to get their job done on time… simply because.., i went overseas….over the south china sea……to borneo aha ha aha

ok not funny.

i went back to sarawak for 5 days and to be really honest, i don’t have much to say lol. my phone was acting funny; battery went fat (kembang) on the first night, died on monday, and so i was phoneless until i came back to insta, very little facebook, hardly tweeted…. besides, all i did was eat, sleep and laugh.. nothing less than just spending quality time with my grandma, aunty, uncle, cousin, friends, and sightseeing in sri aman to all the places that i’ll never, ever forget.

coming back to KL felt weird, like the good dreams just ended and i woke up to reality LOL. oh well, in some ways, it’s true.

i came back to the first week of study week. it was pretty quiet for awhile and i wasn’t used to not hearing kids blasting from the ensemble room next door, so i went to the hall and do some preventive checks and crosschecking the stuff that are supposed to be put away once FFP was done. nothing much happened till i received the news that there will be some band coming in for a rehearsal at the recital hall.

scheduled rehearsal was that sunday itself in the morning, but it got cancelled. i asked a couple of musicians if they were coming in the next day. they said they were so i spent 2.5hours setting up the hall for 10 musicians and 4 vocalists. on monday only 7 musicians came; the rest of them came on tuesday, including ms ning herself…

yes, it was apparently, ning baizura‘s rehearsal.

of course i got excited. holy cow, setting up for her band, witnessing her rehearsals, having the opportunity to mix for her, shook her hand, helped her with the setting of the static IP address, recorded the sessions for her, email her the recorded sessions……. i was so humbled by the experience i called her ms ning when i asked for her email…. dude.


i do have some short clips and pictures of the rehearsals but not much since i wasn’t even sure if i was even allowed to do so O_O aha. anyways, here’s a little snippet…. [x]

that’s all from me at the moment. week 21 is coming up and i’d probably won’t be able to blog again until december so, here’s to the one and only post in November! ha (hopefully not)

behold, the amazing sugarbun.