Everybody’s Got Somebody but Me

so i wanted to post a past cover from my YouTube channel(s) and have decided….let’s make this post count.

HERE’S A COVER OF Everybody’s Got Somebody but Me BY KINA GRANNIS *evil laugh*

this has been a replay the whole morning. pretty much describes how i feel the past weekend until today, after i decided to man up and face the breakup like a proper breakup; distancing myself and telling myself that everything is going to be okay without him. it’s hard when your ex has always been your best friend before and after the breakup; on one end it feels nice that things are “back to normal”, but on the other end you know things will never be able to go “back to normal”.

i would love to be able to be friends with him easily without feeling like it’s a burden to have feelings for him and at the same time expecting him to reciprocate it and maybe give us another chance. funny how i was okay with us being friends again the past couple months but the more our friendship grows the more therapy/meditation/praying/crying that i’d have to go through that sometimes i feel like it’s not worth going to him for advises when the root of the problem comes from my feelings and expectations.

it’s just a terribly feeling to have, really.


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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