freelance makeup artist in training (not really! ha)

scary thought, really.

anywho, i didn’t wanna post this up until after i did both my friends’ makeup since the gig was yesterday. besides, i’m starting off at an “uncomfortable stage” where i have no experience working with other people’s face. with both skin tone of about the same range but wayyyy lighter than mine, not to mention acne-prone oily/combo skin with little or no experience in makeup, i thought i was on a pretty “good start” with my “career”. haha. just my luck i guess.

(this was a favour requested by Mr N. for the promo of Richard Clayderman’s tour in Malaysia *cough*)

2 thoughts came to mind:

  • sanitizing mah tools, the night before, after doing one’s face and after doing both faces.
  • get a new bottle of foundation.

did i mention that i also got 3 of Maybelline’s Color Tattoo even though i have never worked with the texture/colour before applying them on their eyes? (we’ll get to that problem later)

so. both wears glasses. since it was a semi-formal event, my main goal was to even out their skin tone, cover up their blemishes, make their eyes pop (or at least appear awake) and reshaping their brows based on their glasses/frame.

this is vivian, the cute little bundle of joy. ❤

red spots around her cheeks area, blemishes & dark under eye circles.

after moisturizing her face, i went ahead with her eyes. vivian was particularly not a big fan of makeup, so i didn’t experiment much. i only planned to line her eyes lightly with a purple liner using Painted Purple and a purple shade from my Sleek iDivine Matte V2 palette. i realized that her veins were showing –not that they mattered much as her eyes were always behind her glasses– but i wanted to conceal them anyway. hello Tough as Taupe.

didn't realize "Tough as Taupe would be a greyish-brown
didn’t realize “Tough as Taupe would be a greyish-brown ….. great as a base though! (scroll down for more)

before priming her face, i sprayed using my Skindinavia setting spray to keep the oil for seeping through as her face is more towards oily. i then applied L’Oreal True Match in G1 on her face using a wedge sponge (just realized it now that i should’ve damped it first. no wonder it felt like it was a tad bit harder to blend.) i used Maybelline’s Mineral Power concealer in OC2 for her under eyes. (she was in tears the entire time! aha). after a minute or two, i set her foundation and concealer with powder.

i reshaped her brows with her glasses on. *cough* i accidentally used the matte black shade from my iDivine palette. -.-

don’t worry, she is not that vicious-looking, okay?

over 30 likes on Facebook! 😀

i got her the IN2IT Lip Treat as her lips was always chapped. heard it works like magic!

so we got to One Utama (oh right, the promo was organized by CD-Rama under the Music Carnival) and was waiting for Rachelle to arrive. when she did, i only had 20 minutes to get the job done, while she sight-read (and practice in her head while imagining that the piano was at the tip of her fingers) in the ladies’. i don’t have a before picture of Rachelle, but i did manage to capture a bit of her full-face make up + her eye look.

the beautiful Rachelle.
the beautiful Rachelle.
using Bad to the Bronze as the base, EyeStudio Color Plush in Give Me Gold & iDivine Matte V2 for a simple & minimalistic smokey look for her eyes.
using Bad to the Bronze as the base, EyeStudio Color Plush in Give Me Gold & iDivine Matte V2 for a simple & minimalistic smokey look for her eyes.

she has flaky skin on her forehead & the bridge of her nose, prominent blemishes around her cheek bones towards her ears, and no dark under eye circles. she had to rush to the event by the time i started on her brows. i had to shape from scratch; luckily i went with a grey shade this time, built it up to match her roots. for her lips, i used 2 of SilkyGirl’s (DIY-ed melted) lipsticks, only remembering them as Nude & Vampy. unlike the way i set Vivian’s makeup, i used my setting spray to set everything in place after i was done to keep up with time (and also because her skin was a lot drier than Vivian’s), just before i did her lips.

2 of 5 pianists representing ICOM.
2 of 5 pianists representing ICOM.



little disclaimers:

  • i own neither a blush or a bronzer. (surprise, surprise!)
  • i didn’t use any mascara for their lashes as Rocket smudges and i’ve run out of Falsies, though now i kinda wish i could just curl them and keep em curled with a conditioning mascara. blah

quite an experience, i must say. for a 20-minute set, i personally think these looks were okay, to say the least. would love to work on more! although now, i’m not sure if this should count as part of my CV or not. ha!


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