getting told off and new hair.

i’m on my dad’s PC laptop while my mac is away for repair. feels a little weird in terms of shortcuts. meh

so, i got told off earlier this week about my attitude. i admit, i have a very strong attitude, sometimes too strong that it comes off as rude, quite the opposite of how i’d intended it to be. as much as i love going “whatever!” but it’s time i chin up, man (girl) up and face the reality – i gotta tone down.

enough of that. there’s really nothing much to argue or debate about.

on the other hand, i gave myself a haircut!

nah. i didn’t cut my hair that short. :3

i got tired of my hair always getting tangled after a wash. i’m not a big fan of spending a huge amount of time fixing my hair every wash, especially when i need to rush for work in the morning. not only that, my hair falls easily. it’s never recommended to brush your hair when it’s still wet but sometimes your fingers just aren’t enough to get through the tangles. ugh

the webcam isn't doing it justice, but my hair is kinda like the old Grimmie hair LOL
the webcam isn’t doing it justice, but my hair is kinda like the old Grimmie hair LOL

so what i did was trying to minimize the tangles by layering my hair. i kinda thinned/layered it out a bit and trimmed off the ends. how? i bring all of my hair to the front, braid it and cut off 3 inches of hair. i wasn’t satisfied enough since it didn’t make a huge difference LOL so i cut another 2.5 inches just from gathering the hair together and a clean, straight cut.

i might have a better picture of my new hair some time. but if you know @TheRealGrimmie, you’d have an idea of how my hair looks like. 😀

Guardian Merdeka Sale // Haul

don’t worry; i didn’t splurge over RM200 this time. just under RM100. lol

i ran out of hand sanitizer & acne-clearing gel,  threw away my last foundation wedge sponge and slowly running out of cotton pads i thought i might as well get them this weekend. knowing full knowledge almost everywhere will have a sale in conjunction with Merdeka Day, why not take the opportunity to invest in sponges & baby wipes?

yes, the keyword here is invest.

i use my cotton pads for removing my make up & toning my face. i wear makeup every day so it is essential for me to properly clean my face. i had a nightmare once when i accidentally fell asleep with my makeup on. i dreamt that my face looked like it was on a 2nd degree burn of which in my dream i call them “large pores”. the bubbly-burned marks kept growing & popping as i was washing my face. it was horrifying.

i have oliy t-zone and dry patches around my nose and cheek area. i’m also acne-prone. i kinda also have visible pores around my nose area too. if i go to sleep with my makeup on, it will clog my pores & develop acne. overtime, it will cause my face to age prematurely, which kinda means i will lose my youthful look. skin naturally renews itself at night so why bother hindering it?

and then i was thinking;

aiyah. no acne-clearing gel edi. what else can get ride of acne ah? and and and if baby wipes are safe and gentle for babies with alcohol & paraben-free, i could use those once the makeup remover & cotton pads have run out! but then what am i gonna use for toner? 

shopping list:

  • Facial scrub
  • Foundation sponges/wedges
  • Facial/Baby wipes

initially I tried looking up for stuff on Watsons’ website. and then I remembered they don’t have anything else other than Watsons’ stuff. so i went to Guardian’s E-store and holy smokes they have a lot of discounted items!! Mostly 2 for the price of 1, 3 for RMxx.xx, 10% off, and even Maybelline’s 56% discounted selected items. thankfully, their wipes fall into 2 for the price of 1 or get 2 for the price of RMxx.xx. *phew!* the rest of the stuff that i got 10% off. i also took the opportunity of getting the Maybelline Volum’ Express Rocket mascara with 56% off!! 😉

i stayed over at Citin Hotel Friday night.

i seriously love love love the olay cleanser. i love the way my skin feels so soft and fresh each time after a wash!! i’m hoping the garnier scrub would clear my acne overtime and in a long time. i wouldn’t mind purchasing this again if this scrub really works. i just hope the claims aren’t just a bunch of words behind a squeeze-out tube for the sake of selling the product.

meh. happy 56th Merdeka, my fellow Malayan friends. Malaysia wouldn’t be Malaysia without you. ❤