second chances and new beginnings.

this past week has been very, very blessed. my dear friend insisted on seeing me Monday night just to deliver a box of goodies to cheer me up from my breakup, my Sleek i-Divine Matte V2 arrived in the mail a day after i made the purchase, i went on a vacation with my family and at the same time, reconnected with my ex after two and a half months of selflessly ignoring each other.

lots of chocolates, beauty things, pillows, LOVE!
playing with my new Sleek palette!
travel essentials!
view of the lake from bukit merah.
dunkin’ donuts on the road, picnic lunch, healthy dinner!

love is everywhere when you give people a chance. sometimes, we don’t have to be brave. sometimes, a hug does wonders. sometimes, we all need to do is to make the first move when you know some things have been left overdue for too long. sometimes, we need to stop and think instead of being ignorant with thecurrent surroundings. sometimes, we don’t need to wait for the next sunrise for a breath of fresh air. sometimes, answers are just right in front of us.

the past weekend has been the best. ever since i got into the coldplay decor team, i’ve always been worried about working with the ex after learning that he’d always feel awkward around me. for his own sake i’d try my best not to bother him in any way. it was hard not to ignore him. he’s always been the person i’d go to whenever i’m up or down. he was the best friend, someone who i felt so comfortable sharing about my life long before i even knew him, long before we even got together. losing him as a best friend was the hardest thing that i had to go through for a short period of time.

we had a decor meeting on Tuesday. he was being really interactive. the amount of support he showed was just amazing. (of course, coming from me i could be exaggerating a bit lol!) come Wednesday, the last day of the week, he arrived with 2 of our ‘daughters’, and instead of sitting at a different table at the infamous Jaafar stall, he came to my table, casually asking me what time I had gone home the night before, as opposed to sitting as far away as he could like before (or maybe i was just being paranoid ha.)

that night i had asked him if he wanted anything from Ipoh on Whatsapp, and things just began to change from there. who initialize when, i couldn’t care less. i was happy that i could talk to him again, and it was way better than getting back together for the sake of getting back together. i got my best friend back.

we talked for almost an hour in the car yesterday, basically just learning why we behaved like so for the past 3 months and giving ourselves second chances to start over, even if it meant us never getting back together. we can’t anyway, and that is the saddest truth that i had to accept. but, we promised each other that we’ll always be there for each other every step of the way. i don’t think i could ever ask for more. :’)

i’ll talk more about my Sleek Palette and/or my fam vacay experience when i’m not too lazy. ha. until then, have a blessed week ahead! xx


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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