first impressions: Revlon Photoready & L’Oreal True Match foundations (not really)

i’ve been asked to do decor for my friend’s grad port project and i think i just sprained my brain. we’re having a 4-day weekend this week due to Raya with the first two days taken up for a family vacay in Ipoh. i’m hoping and praying that i’ll be able to get some preparations done the next day itself since the project will take place the following Saturday. my mini project is put on hold while i breathe a fresh new batch of air. lols whut

so last night i took the advantage of Watson’s sale and got myself a bunch of stuff. haul here.

this morning i’ve decided to try both the Revlon PhotoReady & L’Oreal True Match by mixing them up since the shades that I got were a tad light (shade: Medium Beige) and a tad dark (shade: Nude Amber), respectively. of course, understanding Malaysia’s heat and humidity, i did not wanna let go of the opportunity to use the primer that i got together with the foundations.


i don’t usually go for the heavy/full coverage foundations.

rephrase. i’m not a big fan of heavy/full coverage. medium coverage is more than enough as long as it could cover up my blemishes. i focus more on evening out my skintone. my number one goal used to be matte, matte and matte. recently, i found out that my face gets quite a number of dry patches whenever i forget to apply moisturizer, or using Maybelline’s BB stick, especially around my nose, hairline & acne scarring area.

top left: 8am. an hour after application. primed with Revlon’s Perfecting primer. i love the healthy look on my face despite the fact that it is demi-matte, something that i’m not used to. covered up most of my blemishes (you can see one peeking through lol). i only set my T-zone with pressed powder.

bottom left: 10.30am. still looking good.

top right: 1.30pm. oil started seeping through my forehead. didn’t look oily yet. my blemishes on my chin decided to say hello. didn’t touch up. i walked under the hot sun to the bank right after. imagine that.

bottom right: 6pm. i came home around 2, made a small lunch, did some chores, had proper lunch while watching tv, brainstorming and coming up with ideas of DIY wristbands, work work work….. it hasn’t been raining lately so my room has been pretty warm all day, but surprisingly my face didn’t grease up that much. #PHEW i’d say the foundation didn’t wear off completely (yay to primer????) on my face besides my T-zone so YAY.

i haven’t worn both foundations alone to see what they’re like but so far, i’m liking the amount of hydration my face gets from the L’Oreal True Match, even though it was mixed with the Revlon PhotoReady. i’m also impressed by both’s coverage even though i didn’t take the extra effort to hide my blemishes even more. i might have to bring both of them to Ipoh but OH WELL at least i know that my money was well spent. haaaa 😀


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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