it’s TIME – part 5: August

so much has happened since the term started and being on the east side of the world means august is already here. june & july: you guys were crazy fun while it lasted!


  • Brand new office: repainted and reorganized with new furnitures.
  • Merlin marathon every night after work 2 weeks in a row, completing 1.5 seasons.
  • Recorded 3 fingerstyle songs with JoKhoo.
  • Received a pillow from my girlfrans with a “Speedy Recovery” card.
  • Recorded bass, guitar & vocal tracks for DanYoong.
  • Stage crew for Mia Palencia’s Jazz 101 gig at The Actors’ Studio, TTDI.
  • OPEN MIC at Frontera. 2 songs, 1 encore.
  • Bought a copy of the Imagine Dragons album, NightVisions. yes


  • Got to know lotsa new students. cray & lame students. -.-
  • My Skindinavia package arrived.
  • Mama bought me new pair of shoes.
  • Watch DanYoong and friends performed at Laundry Bar (went back home at 1am!!)
  • Went Banana Leaf after helping BriWong moving.
  • Punctured tyre. blahhhh
  • Changed my P license.
  • GENTING HIGHLANDS. omg i must be stoned to have all the guts in the world to go on their 5 cray rides.
  • Recorded violins for EugYeo.

solitude is the last thing that i should be having an affair with, with life.

“speedy recovery!” love: ainul, shifa, athina, namira
Mia Palencia’s Jazz 101 gig @ The Actors’ Studio, TTDI
Recording GIS BOTB winners @ Studio 21:05
for the love of post-breakup guts.
eugene. abigail. vivian. genting.
new friends: tiga, brian, jeremy.
my comfort zone.
“最美麗的花朵,要綻放得很漂亮哦. <3” – vivian

there will be no tribute this semester. i’m a little bit upset and disappointed when i received the news only because i am absolutely in love with production work and the fact that i looked forward to it a lot. but things happen for a reason; i’m sure there will be a silver lining somewhere with tribute ‘out of the way’. i just hope that i am given more opportunities while i’m still working in ICOM.

on a different note, i’m not the kind to sit around and wait for things to happen. my brain is on the move again so i’m hoping that August will be a fruitful month. September should be interesting but August determines it all. i’ve already announced a little small project on my twitter just a couple of days ago but i’ve yet to have the right people to support so i don’t wanna be demotivated by the time September slowly creepin in. this is going to be my first-born.

i just wanna get back on my feet. i must continue producing work non-stop. i need to go back to my old self, who produced 2 YouTube videos per week without failing for 5 months in a row. cray mell needs to come back.

here’s to a cray August. 😉


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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