second chances and new beginnings.

this past week has been very, very blessed. my dear friend insisted on seeing me Monday night just to deliver a box of goodies to cheer me up from my breakup, my Sleek i-Divine Matte V2 arrived in the mail a day after i made the purchase, i went on a vacation with my family and at the same time, reconnected with my ex after two and a half months of selflessly ignoring each other.

lots of chocolates, beauty things, pillows, LOVE!
playing with my new Sleek palette!
travel essentials!
view of the lake from bukit merah.
dunkin’ donuts on the road, picnic lunch, healthy dinner!

love is everywhere when you give people a chance. sometimes, we don’t have to be brave. sometimes, a hug does wonders. sometimes, we all need to do is to make the first move when you know some things have been left overdue for too long. sometimes, we need to stop and think instead of being ignorant with thecurrent surroundings. sometimes, we don’t need to wait for the next sunrise for a breath of fresh air. sometimes, answers are just right in front of us.

the past weekend has been the best. ever since i got into the coldplay decor team, i’ve always been worried about working with the ex after learning that he’d always feel awkward around me. for his own sake i’d try my best not to bother him in any way. it was hard not to ignore him. he’s always been the person i’d go to whenever i’m up or down. he was the best friend, someone who i felt so comfortable sharing about my life long before i even knew him, long before we even got together. losing him as a best friend was the hardest thing that i had to go through for a short period of time.

we had a decor meeting on Tuesday. he was being really interactive. the amount of support he showed was just amazing. (of course, coming from me i could be exaggerating a bit lol!) come Wednesday, the last day of the week, he arrived with 2 of our ‘daughters’, and instead of sitting at a different table at the infamous Jaafar stall, he came to my table, casually asking me what time I had gone home the night before, as opposed to sitting as far away as he could like before (or maybe i was just being paranoid ha.)

that night i had asked him if he wanted anything from Ipoh on Whatsapp, and things just began to change from there. who initialize when, i couldn’t care less. i was happy that i could talk to him again, and it was way better than getting back together for the sake of getting back together. i got my best friend back.

we talked for almost an hour in the car yesterday, basically just learning why we behaved like so for the past 3 months and giving ourselves second chances to start over, even if it meant us never getting back together. we can’t anyway, and that is the saddest truth that i had to accept. but, we promised each other that we’ll always be there for each other every step of the way. i don’t think i could ever ask for more. :’)

i’ll talk more about my Sleek Palette and/or my fam vacay experience when i’m not too lazy. ha. until then, have a blessed week ahead! xx

first impressions: Revlon Photoready & L’Oreal True Match foundations (not really)

i’ve been asked to do decor for my friend’s grad port project and i think i just sprained my brain. we’re having a 4-day weekend this week due to Raya with the first two days taken up for a family vacay in Ipoh. i’m hoping and praying that i’ll be able to get some preparations done the next day itself since the project will take place the following Saturday. my mini project is put on hold while i breathe a fresh new batch of air. lols whut

so last night i took the advantage of Watson’s sale and got myself a bunch of stuff. haul here.

this morning i’ve decided to try both the Revlon PhotoReady & L’Oreal True Match by mixing them up since the shades that I got were a tad light (shade: Medium Beige) and a tad dark (shade: Nude Amber), respectively. of course, understanding Malaysia’s heat and humidity, i did not wanna let go of the opportunity to use the primer that i got together with the foundations.


i don’t usually go for the heavy/full coverage foundations.

rephrase. i’m not a big fan of heavy/full coverage. medium coverage is more than enough as long as it could cover up my blemishes. i focus more on evening out my skintone. my number one goal used to be matte, matte and matte. recently, i found out that my face gets quite a number of dry patches whenever i forget to apply moisturizer, or using Maybelline’s BB stick, especially around my nose, hairline & acne scarring area.

top left: 8am. an hour after application. primed with Revlon’s Perfecting primer. i love the healthy look on my face despite the fact that it is demi-matte, something that i’m not used to. covered up most of my blemishes (you can see one peeking through lol). i only set my T-zone with pressed powder.

bottom left: 10.30am. still looking good.

top right: 1.30pm. oil started seeping through my forehead. didn’t look oily yet. my blemishes on my chin decided to say hello. didn’t touch up. i walked under the hot sun to the bank right after. imagine that.

bottom right: 6pm. i came home around 2, made a small lunch, did some chores, had proper lunch while watching tv, brainstorming and coming up with ideas of DIY wristbands, work work work….. it hasn’t been raining lately so my room has been pretty warm all day, but surprisingly my face didn’t grease up that much. #PHEW i’d say the foundation didn’t wear off completely (yay to primer????) on my face besides my T-zone so YAY.

i haven’t worn both foundations alone to see what they’re like but so far, i’m liking the amount of hydration my face gets from the L’Oreal True Match, even though it was mixed with the Revlon PhotoReady. i’m also impressed by both’s coverage even though i didn’t take the extra effort to hide my blemishes even more. i might have to bring both of them to Ipoh but OH WELL at least i know that my money was well spent. haaaa 😀

Makeup Dilemma // Watson Sale: Haul & Swatches

let’s just get this straight before we move on: i’ve never done haul or swatches blog before so i’m just gonna go through whatever that’s on my mind.

now. let’s take a look at my makeup storage.

full to the brim.
full to the brim.

when i rearranged the furnitures in my room, i made sure that i have some space for my makeup stuff, wide open and easy for me to grab whenever i want or need. i have loads of bb creams (which i’ve come to learn that they are no less than a tinted moisturizer =.=), brushes, setting powder, a couple of lipsticks, makeup remover; you name it. most of my stuff are supposedly ‘drugstore’ items, but when you convert USD to RM, it’s pretty much 4-5x the prices listed.

i took advantage of the sale tonight despite the fact that i don’t have much money (but boy if i did) left for the month…and it’s only been the first week. why? investment. and not a lot of patience left with the products that i currently have and forced to work with. MEH. just like any other girly girl, we tend to have our reasons to go around to get to what we “need”. lols

number 1. primer. working 12-14 hours a day means there’s a slight chance that your makeup is going to fade by the end of the day and you really don’t wanna look worse than you already are before makeup. good primers around here aren’t that cheap to get.

number 2. a foundation with the right shade and tone. i have BH Cosmetics’ Liquid Foundation in Golden Beige but it is apparently 2 shades darker than the picture on their website. my bb creams and in2it Sheer Natural Gel Foundation in Golden Beige are naturally 3x lighter than my skintone. i tend to mix around to get the closest match, but i have another problem; my face is tanned while my body is not, with massive yellow undertone. also my setting powder either has a slight pink undertone or it’s the whitening kind. lyf is so hard. ALSO MY SKIN JUST WENT FROM OILY TO COMBO.

number 3. setting powder. problems have already been addressed.

number 4. brows. i took the plunge last week by tweezing my own brows based on ‘youthful look’ since you know, my rest face itself is a bitchy face. why not.

number 5. liquid eyeliner. i haven’t used one in ages. kinda need one to define my eyes a bit more for whenever i’m too lazy work with the shadows.

number 6. facial toner. i’m running out, basically.

10-20% off or buy 1 free 1.
behold: fail swatches. primer - revlon w/o primer - revlon w/ primer - loreal w/o primer - loreal w/ primer
behold: fail swatches.
primer – revlon w/o primer – revlon w/ primer – loreal w/o primer – loreal w/ primer
lighter than it looks, huh? hoping this would give me enough yellow to match my body.
got a felt tip eyeliner & a soft brown brow pencil.
why i need a liquid eyeliner and a brow pencil.
why i need a liquid eyeliner and a brow pencil. eew bareface.
massive bill. i know

so basically here’s the list of things i got:

  • Revlon Perfecting Primer
  • Revlon PhotoReady in Medium Beige
  • L’Oreal True Match in Nude Amber
  • Silkygirl Natural Brow Pencil
  • Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra in Natural
  • Clean & Clear Oil Control Toner

i will do a first impression review if i’m not too busy tomorrow. it’s already midnight and i’m supposed to be up in 6 hours. ha. x

it’s TIME – part 5: August

so much has happened since the term started and being on the east side of the world means august is already here. june & july: you guys were crazy fun while it lasted!


  • Brand new office: repainted and reorganized with new furnitures.
  • Merlin marathon every night after work 2 weeks in a row, completing 1.5 seasons.
  • Recorded 3 fingerstyle songs with JoKhoo.
  • Received a pillow from my girlfrans with a “Speedy Recovery” card.
  • Recorded bass, guitar & vocal tracks for DanYoong.
  • Stage crew for Mia Palencia’s Jazz 101 gig at The Actors’ Studio, TTDI.
  • OPEN MIC at Frontera. 2 songs, 1 encore.
  • Bought a copy of the Imagine Dragons album, NightVisions. yes


  • Got to know lotsa new students. cray & lame students. -.-
  • My Skindinavia package arrived.
  • Mama bought me new pair of shoes.
  • Watch DanYoong and friends performed at Laundry Bar (went back home at 1am!!)
  • Went Banana Leaf after helping BriWong moving.
  • Punctured tyre. blahhhh
  • Changed my P license.
  • GENTING HIGHLANDS. omg i must be stoned to have all the guts in the world to go on their 5 cray rides.
  • Recorded violins for EugYeo.

solitude is the last thing that i should be having an affair with, with life.

“speedy recovery!” love: ainul, shifa, athina, namira
Mia Palencia’s Jazz 101 gig @ The Actors’ Studio, TTDI
Recording GIS BOTB winners @ Studio 21:05
for the love of post-breakup guts.
eugene. abigail. vivian. genting.
new friends: tiga, brian, jeremy.
my comfort zone.
“最美麗的花朵,要綻放得很漂亮哦. <3” – vivian

there will be no tribute this semester. i’m a little bit upset and disappointed when i received the news only because i am absolutely in love with production work and the fact that i looked forward to it a lot. but things happen for a reason; i’m sure there will be a silver lining somewhere with tribute ‘out of the way’. i just hope that i am given more opportunities while i’m still working in ICOM.

on a different note, i’m not the kind to sit around and wait for things to happen. my brain is on the move again so i’m hoping that August will be a fruitful month. September should be interesting but August determines it all. i’ve already announced a little small project on my twitter just a couple of days ago but i’ve yet to have the right people to support so i don’t wanna be demotivated by the time September slowly creepin in. this is going to be my first-born.

i just wanna get back on my feet. i must continue producing work non-stop. i need to go back to my old self, who produced 2 YouTube videos per week without failing for 5 months in a row. cray mell needs to come back.

here’s to a cray August. 😉