it’s TIME – part 2

this past week was a different kind of hell, but pushing myself through the events has made me grow on different aspects of work and professionalism. i managed to contribute a level of positivity while handling 3 responsibilities at the same time. i’ll tell you this; nothing is ever easy until you find the balance, but once you succeeded through your trials and turbulence, it is the best feeling ever.

before i describe my hell, i’m gonna attempt to explain what started it. it’s not gonna be 100% true but it is most of the truth. i’m not too sure of the situation myself.

RTM1 wants to do a documentary of music colleges in Malaysia. A group of producers/directors/videographers (known as cipta muzika) etc were given the task to handle this project. ICOM was one of the chosen and the first to kickoff the entire project. on our part, we needed to come up with a nicely produced song for their music video, be ready for interviews (which involved specific locations with mega setups) and have the abilities to act. it’s not enough for me to elaborate in details but basically i had to be on both my feet the entire time.

i was appointed as the production manager, overseeing the tech production side of things, such as preparing the recital hall for the band to rehearse and perform, making space for the videographers to have some flexibility to move around, preparing the shooting locations before call time….you know? let’s not forget that i still have my job as system support to think about. and then there’s this constant need to keep the communication between the band members & cipta muzika team because the appointed guy wasn’t doing his job very well….

the shoot lasted two days. the first day involved a lot of setting up even though the hall was pre-setup the night before. the only problem was that one of my crew was 1.5 hours late, while the other was almost 4 hours late. did i mention that i recruited 3 people under me and call time was 8am plus hall shoot was to begin at 9.15am? i arrived at college 15 minutes to 8 to sort out some equipment issue. crew A arrived shortly after, zombified with 12oz. of coffee in his hand. luckily, we had until 9.30 to setup since the video team decided to do the interview first.

by 11.30am, everyone moved to the hall.

now. the plan was to get as many extras as we can (at least 10) to imitate a live performance feel. they were hoping to get some ambience recording with the clapping, whistling and possibly even some whisper before and after they perform. but what we were not informed was when exactly we need them and why. they had 4 takes before lunch break, with a full house during the first. the most they could get out of the first take was the sincere energy since it was their time watching them perform (even though they were actually miming). the moment the band finished performing, everyone left!

if you think about it, 12 ish is lunch break, kids are hungry, no one wants to watch the same performance twice. no one knew that they had to be there for every take. in the end the video team had to settle with whatever they have first until after lunch. by 2pm, my crew and i had to activate our charm to persuade every single student who had no class till 3pm to pretend that they enjoy the performance. that’s when we knew they were gonna get some audience shot.

okay. to speed things up, my crew managed to set up the studio before call time having to tear it down and set it back up after we learn that we had to compromise some of our audio equipment for a student who was having her soundcheck for her live sound exam that night itself. anyways, the CM team wanted the whole band to record in the drum room. when the video team finally settled down in the studio, my supervisor explained to them that that wasn’t the way we record tracks bla bla bla so long story short we had to tear it down again, leaving only the drum in the drum room, the vocalists in the same vocal booth, the keys and guitarists in the mixing room.

2013-04-08 22.40.13
my studio setup

imagine that.

(to be continued)


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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