bits and bobs

it has been awhile since i last sat down to express my thoughts. no time for that now. 


  1. i graduated with a certificate in audio production, also known as cap.
  2. i bought a tablet. momo8 by ployer.
  3. earned rm200 from being the stage crew of christian palencia’s EP launch alongside nian tze, rm100 from zalila lee, mia palencia, reza salleh & melina william’s acoustic show alongside nian tze and kimberly.
  4. i went back to my homeland for christmas, travelled from one end of sarawak to another end visiting all the places that i grew up trying to get accustomed to the multilingual diversity every few years.
  5. came back started working – in a college that i graduated with cap – as the system support engineer a week before 2013 started.
  6. spent the first morning of 2013 with ainul and chip having breakfast, the afternoon with walter when he dropped by my place to chill.
  7. the new term started and i couldn’t shy away for dressing like a proper staff. proper doesn’t go well with me, even with combed hair.
  8. i lost myself now and then, adjusting to the sudden change of lifestyle.
  9. i started driving to work after a year and a half of commuting the train every day to college. after obtaining my P license.
  10. making mistakes hasn’t been easier. especially when you are so very the kiasu type.
  11. i’m always looking forward to the weekly workshops because i get to find a reason to do live sounds again although not much.
  12. i wish all the running and laughing during the day burn calories as much as i add them up at every meal.
  13. 3 new covers at
  14. signed up for coursera courses. currently waiting for my sound design result.
  15. i just won myself a pack of laksa sarawak paste today. i hope mom can find the time to cook laksaaaaa during the holidays.
this is how i look now, minus half the forehead.
this is how i look now, minus half the forehead. that’s tia.
le poster.
kim, me, reza, melina & nian tze after the acoustic show.
mia & christian



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