BTS: ICS Tribute To Bee Gees

pictures from my side of tribute 😀

what was originally the setup for recording
Used a friend’s Saffire instead of the Behringer ADAT and 003.
from 44 channels to only 32 to work with
from 32 only 26 are being recorded into pro tools
using my mac as the source of light lol
sitting behind the monitor engineers
awesome lights, LED screen, disco ball 😀

tuesday: (i believe) a basic setup with the ADAT and 003 was done while i was away. my lecturer had told me to go home since there was nothing that i could do/help with. earlier that day i was merely the keeper of all bags lol.

wednesday: FOH + MON line checks and rundowns.

  1. the ADAT failed to work. got another from the FOH rack.
  2. buzzes coming into PT from the ADAT channels, even though the ADAT was turned off. problem came from the optical cables.
  3. SM2 failed to load.
  4. signals were coming in, but into the wrong channels. signal flow got mixed up.
  5. frustrated. why: because a) i only had 16 channels to work with and i’ve distributed them very nicely in each medley; b) i’ve always had problem with understanding the signal flow of a certain system. when i finally understood everything, and things still managed to go wrong, i just. yes.
  6. tweeted & whatsapp-ed S. says he’d come as soon as possible with his Saffire. (YESSSSS!)
  7. S came and we started over from scratch. Learned that I have 26 channels instead of 16 to work with. (DOUBLE YESSSSS!)
  8. S set up everything. I mostly watched because (again) I had problem tryna understand the signal flow behind the new setup.
  9. he left, leaving behind the channel distribution notes for me to finish up the next morning.

thursday (THE DAY):

  1. curious with S’ configuration. read back the night before’s messages and tried to do the rest of the setup myself.
  2. mission self-configured channel distribution: SUCCESS.
  3. S came with RCA cables for the OH. the ONLY part of the entire setup that I still don’t understand until today.
  4. wait, why are Caleb and Daryll’s waveforms IDENTICAL? oh. whoops.
  5. during the 1st set of the concert: WAIT. WHY IS BV2 NOT RECORD-ENABLED. NOOOOOO
  6. before the 2nd set of the concert: created a new track for BV2.
  7. the rest of the night went by smoothly.

what an experience. 😀

ICS Tribute to Bee Gees

Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of the semester again! Where everyone gets lesser sleep and more time spent in college, coming together to pay a tribute to legendary artists whom have contributed to the world of music. This time, the ICOM Celebration Series is doing a tribute concert to the one and only Gibb brothers, the Bee Gees!

I have never missed any tribute concert organized by the ICS team ever since I started college; from Paul Simon to Musicals to Bee Gees, it has been an overwhelming experience so far! I was the videographer and part of the promo the last two tributes. This semester, I personally asked for a role in the audio department, of which I am now the recording engineer, as well as head of promo.

Do come and support us! 😀

Preview #1: I put the video together myself, both audio and clips! 😀

Preview #2: I co-mixed the background track, live from one of our run down! 😀


The Sultan of Selangor’s Cup 2012

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this project/event. I was asked to compose 2 songs, fitting the concepts that they wanted to showcase for their formation opening. I’ve been suffering from the writers’ block since August last year. So, long story short, I got four friends to help me out, namely Darshan Shah & Rupak Iyer for composing the first and fourth song, Syazmin Saprudin for the second song, and Damoon Keshmirshekan for the last song. I acted as the “producer” of the entire “production”. Haa. I don’t know how to explain my role; I just sorta make sure things were done on time, without missing out the things that are wanted by the “higher authority”.

Here are the videos from that night. Enjoy!

If you find it hard to listen to the songs, here is a HQ version of the songs, minus most of the stadium atmosphere. 🙂