The Sultan of Selangor’s Cup 2012

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this project/event. I was asked to compose 2 songs, fitting the concepts that they wanted to showcase for their formation opening. I’ve been suffering from the writers’ block since August last year. So, long story short, I got four friends to help me out, namely Darshan Shah & Rupak Iyer for composing the first and fourth song, Syazmin Saprudin for the second song, and Damoon Keshmirshekan for the last song. I acted as the “producer” of the entire “production”. Haa. I don’t know how to explain my role; I just sorta make sure things were done on time, without missing out the things that are wanted by the “higher authority”.

Here are the videos from that night. Enjoy!

If you find it hard to listen to the songs, here is a HQ version of the songs, minus most of the stadium atmosphere. 🙂