i want to travel.

the park not too far away from my apartment

just two days ago, my classmate and i were talking about travelling, and how much we’ve missed it, frankly no thanks to our busy college schedule. haa.

my family has this long-time tradition for as long as i can remember, where we’d go to a different town, or state, or even the nearest beach whenever everyone is on a break. we’d spend the whole day driving upstate/downstate/all over the peninsula, eating and laughing in the car just trying to keep ourselves from feeling bored, being excited over new sceneries…, everything!

ever since i started college, it’s been holding us back from doing what i’ve been growing up loving to do. i feel like it’s partly my fault that we don’t get to travel much this year. the most memorable trip was to JB back in June. not only our expenses were fully paid, but my siblings and i probably had the most fun we’ve had in the last few months!

missing in action: my brother Michael
the clouds, on our way to JB
planking. on water.
le hammock by the beach

did i mention that i also love taking pictures (and instagram)? haa i can’t wait to graduate and fly back to my hometown in Sarawak. the best place to start a trip. x


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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