resident evil : retribution

hello x

the premier of resident evil: retribution

i won a pair of club tickets to the premier of this movie, which scheduled to be out by September 13. honestly, when i read that @benjern was to give away five pairs of club tickets, i was pretty reluctant to actually give it a try. but it so happened that the second he gave the cue to tweet him, it appeared on my timeline. so i copied, pasted, and tweeted away without giving it a second thoughts. 10 minutes later, ben announced that i was one of the winners.

one half of the club ticket pair

right after i got the tweet saying that i won, i immediately asked a close friend of mine to see if she’d wanna come with me. she did. despite having to not watch the trailer yet, or even learn about the value of a club ticket, i was head over heels. as days turned to hours and hours to minutes, i got more and more excited, so excited we actually went in 30-minutes earlier (thanks to the instructions on the ticket!) and immediately regretted after knowing that they were gonna keep our phones (and laptop!) due to security reasons. hahah

say hello to my date! 😀

i must say, this is one of the most exciting experience i’ve ever gone through. i mean, how many times in your life you get to actually win something? haaaaa 😀 though i have never watched the first 4 movies of the resident evil series, i (actually) enjoyed having to go through the suspense, getting scared the heck out of my brains and knowing that my friend enjoyed herself as well. COME AT ME YO FREAKISHLY-LOOKING ZOMBIES


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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