i wanna read a book, and let my mind wander.
perhaps maybe even be someone else for a minute or an hour.

Amelia Parker has always been certain she was in love with Hayden Turner. Even when he was gone. Even when she forgot everything. Even when he tried to kill her.

i read this book last saturday; took me almost 12 hours to finish it. it was probably one of the most anticipating book i’ve ever read in my entire life. because i took this book to work with me, i would’ve easily put this aside and just read off the synopsis from Wikipedia or review blogs, but i didn’t. i actually resisted myself from ruining all the fun and adventures of reading a book, and i never regretted every bit of it.

timeless started off with an epilogue (as most books does), and that itself gave me an idea of what the main character was like; but he was not the main character. overall, the book has 4 different parts, a journey to 3 different eras, 2 different places, and several different kinds of beings. timeless is essentially about Amelia and Hayden from the beginning to the end; the love and sacrifices that they have to make in their choices, the pain they had to go through knowing that no matter how hard they tried, they were never gonna be together. and yet, their love for each other never seem to fade away, even when she’s forgotten who she really was, even after he tried to kill her.

the storyline, the way sittampalam carefully describes each character in each scene is just..captivating. no matter how much i wanted to put it down, there’s always elements of surprises in every word, every sentence, every page that just constantly keeps you at the edge of your seat. they are obvious flaws every 100 page or so, but the fact that i wanted to finish this book as fast as i can actually says something. i wouldn’t sleep the whole night if i had to. this book is just brilliant.

the demon who loves, and the angel who kills.


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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