riding them faders.

nothing scares me more than a feedback during a live performance.
Yamaha LS9-32

studying in ICOM has been very exciting for me. since the first day of semester three, i couldn’t wait to get my hands on more…well, hands-on stuff. first semester was entirely an introduction, while second semester was more of understanding the basics and getting an idea of what this entire course is all about.

when i first learned about me being the FOH engineer for week 7 of Friday Performance, my first thought was like OWWWHHHH YEAH. but then, as the weeks went by, i realized that i was quite inexperienced in the field of live sounds. i got so nervous, i dreamt that i was gonna fail the entire show a week before the day. last wednesday after our first round of soundchecks, i dreamt that FP was over and that i can sleep peacefully and get ready for work the next morning. by thursday, i was losing it when i dreamt that i was being careless in my mix.

today, we had 2 more soundchecks after fine tuning the monitors. even after rounds and rounds of mentally preparing the entire show in my head, going from one band to another, it was still nerve wrecking for me as i have a silly amount of fear (slash paranoia) that things might not go as i wanted it to be. i couldn’t get over the fact that nothing is ever perfect, and that you just need to do your best; whatever happens, happened. learn from your mistakes now.

even though there was a (noticeable) feedback during the first (and only!) performance itself, i must say that all of the soundchecks and run-throughs that we had days and hours before today had certainly paid off. without them, i’d probably just give up there and then. my live sounds lecturer complimented saying that it was not bad for a first timer. i guess i should be proud of myself and just work on my EQ. mehhhh

heck, i am proud of myself. i did some amazing stuff out there, more than i would ever think of. imagine mixing all the mega stars’ concert… yes, i can dream.


Author: melinya

one day, i wanna wake up, pack my stuff and just go on a random trip.

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