Hello and welcome, fellow strangers! [yes, I see you lurking 👀]


As I’m working on getting my business set up properly, I figured I shouldn’t be missing out on showing what I can do anyway. At the very least, I will have some work to show for in the future.

So have a seat, grab a cuppa, and let your eyes feast on some goodies which I hope will shed some inspiration to your glorious mind. 💡

This website has morphed from a blog to a work centre, to a blog again, and now I’m treating it like a proper website that will feature both my work and hopefully more of my writing.

I intend on writing article-like content instead of blog posts, with hopes that I can reach a wider audience.

I also have my “Hire Me” page to put myself out there more and to show that I am available for projects and gigs.

Don’t forget to check out what I’m really up to NOW from my “NOW” page!


Give me some lovin’ if you wanna have my attention!