Hi, I’m Melinya!

I’m primarily a Live Sound Engineer, but working as a Marketing Manager full time.

I love coffee, cooking for the family, playing Left 4 Dead 2, and spoiling my 3 cats!

Welcome to Millennial Thoughts, a weekly entry of the events in my life on & offline.

Millennial Thoughts

A place of reflections on the events of my life. My hopes for the future, my advice for my past self.

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Day in the Life

I’m not one with the best of memories, so being able to walk down memory lane once in a while is a treat!

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Gigs & Projects

Every now and again I embark on a once-in-a-lifetime special projects, and here is where I’d like to remember them well.

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Latest from the Blog


How to Set Up Reaper with VoiceMeeter and OBS

Have more control over your broadcast with this setup! This setup is perfect for streamers, audio engineers working remotely, and church folks using DAW needing to stream on Zoom.